My Weekly Adventures!

Two weeks have already passed by since the last Weekly Adventures? That is crazy! I can’t even believe we’re already halfway through February already.

In case you didn’t drop by the review for The Longest Ride, Happy Valentine’s Day! Its pretty much late in the evening for anyone in Eastern Standard Time (which is where I’m at and some of you are already in the evening). Thing is: it is Valentine’s Day and while I don’t celebrate it particularly, it has been pretty busy also running errands and taking more time than usual as we’ve entered deep freeze here in Montreal with temperatures dipping in the -35C with the wind chill factor and all that lovely stuff.  Winter has been late to arrive but we never really skip it, right?

I have a little more to report this time than last since I was just overloaded with work in the previous Weekly Adventures. If you did miss it, Chinese New Year happened and you can see the events of that right HERE!

Let’s go! 🙂

Ceramic Cafe with my husband and his niece

I love going to Ceramic Cafe.  Its this little place where we choose a piece of ceramic they have on location and you sit down for whatever amount of hours painting it.  We had a 2 person full day coupon so we had to only pay for his niece.  She is absolutely crafty and imaginative.  It was a ton of fun.  We were a little pressed with time since she had to go back to go for a sleepover or meeting with her friends (or something like that), but we did pretty well.  I managed to pick it up this weekend so we have the before and after it went into their baking process.

Ceramic Cafe


Ceramic Cafe


My husband did the car piggy bank (which he ended up giving to his nephew).  The owl was his niece and of course, the cat is mine. 😉 I wasn’t sure how mine would turn out but I’d say it rather simple but cute.

If you notice, the last time I got one of these coupons, I went with my friend and I did that fruit bowl in the back. It has a Dr. Seuss quote around it.

Valentine’s Day Marathon: Short & Sweet!

Valentine’s Marathon came and went really quickly.  I didn’t really get a lot done but I’m pretty proud of all my choices.  It was an enjoyable run.  Plus, if you think about it, I started at the end of January when I did Far From the Madding Crowd. Still, continuing on the Nicholas Sparks adaptations was pretty good and the other choices were some decent finds with one that blew my mind.  In Your Eyes is right up there as one of my favorite romances right now. This is by far the least amount of movies in the few years I’ve been doing this with only 5 films but it is in quality and not quantity.  I do enjoy watching good movies more than bad and I’m pretty forgiving of romances.  It all worked out for the better.  Plus, Grease: Live was aired exactly at this same time frame and while I didn’t peg it as Valentine’s, it was a fun experience that was because of its emphasis on young love.

Now that this is behind us, if you missed any of them, head to my Valentine’s Marathon page HERE if you want to revisit this year or any past year’s choices.

New Plants!

Air Plants

Money Tree


We don’t celebrate much of Valentine’s Day gift but I’ve been talking about getting some lovely air plants to purify the air in our house a little quite a bit.  Its pretty much whenever I go to Wal-mart, I’ll go to the garden section and stare at it.  I’ll admire it and then leave without buying it.  Last week, my husband and I went and he finally urged me to buy one, which is the first one with those pretty pinkish grasses and beautiful flowers.  When I came home on Friday night from work, he had left me two pots more of these.  One was these air plants and the other was a little thing that people call “money tree”. If my plant, like the fern part looks a little torn is because my cat decided to give it a tasting before I got home to place it better.

Its time to grow some cat grass for her before she goes and eats anything else that I don’t want her to. On a second note, I’m starting to think about spring seeding and prepping for opening my garden and how to set up my vegetable garden when early May comes around. Its the first year that I’ve fertilized it and prepped it enough to turn it into a vegetable garden so I’m planning on getting some good stuff in there. Matching it with some container gardening and I think I might be set for this summer. 🙂

Ultimate 80s Blogathon!

Ultimate 80s Blogathon

At this point, I’ve done so many reminders and announcement posts on the Ultimate 80s Blogathon, you might hate me by now.  While its not Drew’s first blogathon, it is my first blogathon and I’m so happy that he let me join into a wonderful idea that he had for this one.  Ultimate 80s is a great idea and the turnout and excitement has just wowed me.  The blogathon will be running for close to 4 weeks currently with posts alternately between both of our sites Monday to Friday of the week.  We’ve received some fantastic posts! Tomorrow, we’re kicking off with our own 80s selection.  Remember to head over and check out Drew at Drew’s Movie Reviews and give him a follow to make sure that you don’t miss any of the posts.  If you are worried about that, I also hatched a backup plan for you and have a page on the menu on top dedicated to the Ultimate 80s Blogathon or you can just click HERE!  Currently, there are already 5 front runners that helped us out by sharing their posts on their sites last week to drive up the hype! They are fantastic choices and awesome reviews so remember to go check it out! 🙂

Balancing my Life!

Nora Ephron quote

Its been a while I’ve inserted quotes here but this kind of matches what I’m doing right now.  Between movies, books, podcast, baking, house stuff, work and recently gaming, my life is all over the place. Its funny because in all the mess, I actually feel very happy at finding a balance.  It does make me think about the direction of the blog.  Its a little early reveal of what might change for Tranquil Dreams.  I love sharing everything that I do and I’m pretty scattered in what I like to do so I don’t mind doing a bunch of stuff at the same time.  Its a mess that I love and embrace very much.  And don’t worry, to those wondering, I do sleep 😉 I have the best guardian in the world that makes sure I do and that’s my darling cat. I guess we should wrap up with a little sleepy cat picture.

Sleeping Cat


  • Ultimate 80s Blogathon
  • 2015 Oscar Nominations Reviews

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 🙂

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