‘Layers of Fear’ Announcement Trailer is Pants-Wetting Horror Game Goodness

Amazing games are happening in February after a pretty slow January! The trailers are amazing and lots of highly potential games are being released. Two really great games released this week but one that is coming out next week that I’ve seen some gameplay for is Layers of Fear.

Head on over and check out my Game Break to see how awesome it looks like its going to be and its features!

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When you think horror in video games, you might leap straight for the shuffling undead or vengeful ghosts. You might think of chainsaw wielding psychopaths or madmen in asylums. You’ve probably never thought about an artist. Well that’s about to change. Watch the launch trailer, and if you manage to make it through without running away screaming for your mommy, read on about this new indie horror surprise.

Developed by Bloober Team SA, Layers of Fear is a first person psychedelic horror game set in a Victorian mansion with classic art and a chilling, haunting story. It has it all. As the player, we dive into the mind of an insane painter as we explore his dwelling. The canvas we always come back to will slowly be filled in and painted as his haunting past is revealed bit by bit to help complete the masterpiece he has always longed to create…

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3 thoughts on “‘Layers of Fear’ Announcement Trailer is Pants-Wetting Horror Game Goodness

  1. What’s the actual gameplay like though? Like, I just started “Outlast” and you’re running around looking for items and an exit. Is this one just running around and looking at art? (Sorry, new to the first person horror gaming world!) Thanks!

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