Geometry Dash Meltdown Video Game Review: Finger Tapping Mayhem

I’m on top of my game (no pun intended). Geometry Dash Meltdown just got released on December 19th with 3 levels and I managed to complete them miraculously. Check out my little review! 🙂

That Moment

Have you heard of Geometry Dash? Of course you have. You’re probably playing it right now. Well, if you beat it and/or are craving more of this insanely additive mobile game, then good news, it’s time to get those fingers rapping one more time.

Geometry Dash Meltdown is the follow-up, from RobTop, to the one-button platform rhythm based game called Geometry Dash. It was recently released on December 19th, 2015 right before Christmas offering the mobile game users with 3 free levels:

  • The Seven Seas
  • Viking Arena
  • Airborne Robots

Geometry Dash was a game that has proven to be extremely challenging and many would associate it with potential rage quit games. However, I am quite different. I prefer simple gameplays like this one. It is a challenge in itself to react fast, plan ahead and enjoy the energetic music playing in the background that builds throughout the level but…

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