Video Games: Sony Announces #ps2ps4 And Here’s What We Want

A week or so ago, Gamespot had this video talking about this new hashtag called #ps2ps4 asking players to share what games they’d like to be made into PS4 games. Seeing as I recently bought one, I wanted to make a little list. Head on over to That Moment In and check it out!

What Playstation 2 games would you want on Playstation 4?

That Moment

Last week, Gamespot posted a video on Youtube announcing that Sony Playstation has released a tweet asking for what PS2 games the public would like to see available on PS4. They gave it a nifty little hashtag of #ps2ps4. The game choices are from many popular titles to some that I have never ever heard of before.

The world of these new consoles are both great but frustrating especially with the Playstation 4 that can’t play the previous systems’ games, making it incredibly inefficient for space when the gamer now needs to have a functionable console and store all the games. Playstation 2 was when I started getting really into console gaming with a more hands-on experience and not the co-pilot in the adventures. With that, there are some games that hold true and dear to my heart that I’d love to be mastered into Playstation 4 so…

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