Nemo’s World (Substrate Wars #2) by Jeb Kinnison

A HUGE thank you to Jeb Kinnison for sending me this novel, his second in  his series The Substrate Wars.  Due to some rather technical issues with e-readers, I hadn’t gotten much ebooks reading done. But, I managed to tough it out in the last month or two with my phone so here I am giving this book 2 and the sequel of Jeb Kinnison’s Red Queen called Nemo’s World.  Recently, he released Book#3 and in anticipation of reading that one, it motivated me to give this one a read (which shouldn’t even be a thing since I had planned to read it a lot earlier this year).

If you missed the review of Red Queen, you can check it out HERE!

Red Queen
By: Jeb Kinnison

Nemo's World

In this thrilling sequel to 2014’s Red Queen, the student rebels have escaped Earth, but the US and Chinese governments continue to try to copy their discovery of quantum gateways to find them and destroy the threat they represent to security interests. The rebels hold off Earth government attacks and continue to develop the new technology, which will change life for everyone and open a million habitable planets for colonization. – Goodreads

Nemo’s World is kind of a half and half deal plot-wise.  We have the first part where they are still settling up the remaining issues from the previous book, Red Queen and then when that is resolved, we start thinking about settling the whole colonization of Earth onto these places in the second part.  Our main characters, Samantha, Justin and Steve all become a key part to lead the story.  It also takes some time to let us get a little more personal with their life and characters. Every time, picking up the world of Substrate Wars series makes me dive into this unreal world.  The dystopian world is believable and the science while being very wordy and full of technical jargon does a decent job to make sure that its readers understand the functions to not hinder from better understanding the progress of the story.

Fact is, Nemo’s World becomes more about politics.  They are trying to iron out the kinks in the political world while ensuring that other countries buy into their idea that this will insure a better future for everyone. When discussing politics, we do start having some more moral issues into this.  Justin turns into the main leader here and in many cases, he does get caught in situations that seems to be a little over his head.  He now has groups together that first agreed to be in this but as would be expected, people and different agendas happen and he has to find a balance to make sure things work out and it won’t end up causing more problems.

The best part of Nemo’s World, aside from the intricate development of the technology and makes me wonder if its believable, because my lack of science knowledge makes me think it could work, is that its about the human nature and morals.  Its about the slippery slope and what to give up and what to not.  In the first book, the characters make a lot of decisions that I agree with.  it felt like we were fighting for the same cause to build a new world where socio-economic-political balance would be there. Nemo’s World is different because this time, I found myself questioning Justin’s logic behind his decisions. I started thinking about how far he would go became he turned exactly into a ruthless political leader.  Extreme measures are needed, threats may be used, even manipulation, perhaps white lies but when does everything start crashing down on you? Its like Jenga, right? He literally controls the most invincible technology in the world that allows teleportation, surveillance and item manipulation from a distance.  How do you manage this power? We come back to a little of the power equals responsibility factor in here. Maybe its because of that, I wonder if it was deliberate that at times, I felt Justin’s character to make some inconsistent decisions.  This colonization is making it hard for him to choose what tactic he wants to use to make sure that everything goes as planned but keeping a certain order and not stepping on too many tails.

Nemo’s World is a sequel well worthy of a read. Its become a rather thought-provoking situation that questions what approach you believe a world like this has and whether it really is all fine and dandy as it first promised or maybe its just really a cycle that will fall right back into what its world has become.  Maybe technology doesn’t change anything, and its the choices we make that have that impact. Because of that, I really think Nemo’s World might evoke different thoughts for other readers. If anything, it makes me wonder what the third book will offer.

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