Christmas: Holiday Engagement (2011 TV Movie)

Netflix is really not cooperating with me.  The final movie for Christmas was supposed to be Scrooged but guess what happened last week some time? It expired on Netflix because it wasn’t there anymore. I almost didn’t want to watch anything and just do something else but then, on last Friday night when I wasn’t feeling great and I couldn’t sleep at like midnight, I chose a random movie and watched this TV movie called Holiday Engagement.

Holiday Engagement (2011)

holiday engagement

Director: Jim Fall

Cast: Bonnie Somerville, Shelley Long, Jordan Bridges, Sam McMurray, Haylie Duff, Carrie Wiita, Chris McKenna

Afraid to admit she was just dumped, a woman hires an actor to play her lawyer-boyfriend during a 4-day Thanksgiving weekend at her parents’ house.-IMDB 

I kind of got tricked into this one.  It looked so much like Christmas holidays but its really set around Thanksgiving.  Of course, I never read synopsis before I jump into a movie nowadays so this is what happens.  Still, why not, right? I’ll do a little write up on it.

Earlier this week, I reviewed Christmas Crush and I said it was harmless.  Most romantic comedies, family dramedies usually are. I really hate watching women being all desperate to get back with the obvious douchebag.  I really think those girls are like the minority.  Just because Mr. DB is a bigshot lawyer and rich and all that doesn’t mean anything.  If you don’t want to move somewhere because of legit reasons, then that’s okay.  He wants to chase something else, that is his business as well.  This is the 21st century and last I checked, 2011 is also 21st century so what is the deal? I can get that you usually follow the one in the relationship that makes more money because well, money is crucial to everyday survival in a way. Its just not reasonable that she thinks this guy is a catch when he clearly isn’t except for his wallet.  If the warning signs of him breaking up because she didn’t want to move and got in the way of his career wasn’t a warning sign enough, right? Regardless, I can understand the hoping to not disappoint your family and still bringing home an imposter for your fiance.  Who does it benefit more, right? But then, its kind of crazy before these two are seriously the most naive and clueless people when in love with people that are obviously not with you for the good reason.

Holiday Engagement

As ridiculous as I feel about the story itself being cliche and the main girl being way too desperate, there are some decent characters here in a weird way.  When everyone wakes up and faces the reality of things, it pulls in some endearing moments, especially a particular father and daughter moment and the mother and daughter moment as well.  The relationship between the two had some chemistry that I could buy but their characters had some pretty frustrating moments that I eventually just phased out of.  However, I did enjoy the imposter guy’s role quite a bit.  He was adorable to watch and the way they set his character was really spontaneous and fun. Plus, he gets pushed into a fake engagement and steals back the dream wedding dress for his fake fiancee. I think that makes him quite the stellar dude 😉

Holiday Engagement

You know what? There really isn’t much else to say about Holiday Engagements. Its pretty below average.  While I liked some parts and the message was there about family and expectations and there was some cliche heartwarming moment, this video shows the only moment I truly loved the most and I think you should just watch and not really have to bother with the rest of it all.

Plus, its Christmas music and good chemistry.  There was one other part with the mom putting up the night after Thanksgiving the Christmas decorations that was pretty nice as well.

Enough of these Christmas movies thing.  I’m done with exploring Netflix.  I’ll have more than enough of that in the New Year with Netflix A-Z coming back.  I’m going now to watch my holiday faves instead.

Have you seen Holiday Engagement? What are your thoughts? 

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