That Want To Play it Now in the DiRT Rally Console Trailer

I joined David this week over at That Moment In for a little That Want To Play It Now for the DiRT Rally Console Trailer. Check out what our reactions are and why we can’t wait to give this game a go when it launches 🙂

If you missed it, last week we also did one on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer Trailer.

That Moment

The Rundown: The next game in the long-running Colin McRae racing series, DiRT Rally once again features a vast collection of vehicles and environments, where players combine tarmac and off-road races involving single and multiplayer contests. Utilizing a dynamic weather system, this latest version concentrates on extreme realism, offering the player 17 cars and 36 stages from real-world locations.

The Gameplay: The real draw for the DiRT and Colin Rae games has always been the depth and customization as much as the attention to detail in the vehicles and the roads they drive on. It’s the driving conditions that change due to time and weather that make the challenge so great and stages replayable. Boasting a brand new physics engine that is said to best replicate the real driving condition, DiRT Rally looks to be the new king of the hill in racing.

Want To Play It Now…

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