Forever Young by Veiko Herne

**I received the copy of this book by the author for an honest review.**

Forever Young
by: Veiko Herne

Forever Young

Goodreads rating: 1/5 stars

Goth Gerthu and punk Rudolf meets at church and is attracted to each other right away.  Afterwards, due to the drinking of a bottle of sangria (sang real aka real blood), it turns them into vampires.  This is when Gerthu’s magical mirror who has a spirit of Catherine d’Arc trapped inside tells them to go seek out Franks Kingdom to find the King to break their curse.  The King isn’t alive anymore and they turn him into a zombie and they end up following leads and going to a few places interfering with tribes and becoming leaders and end up meeting the Holy Spirit, Satan, Jesus and God.

 The story hits a lot of places and people ranging from historical to religious to supernatural.  The concept behind it isn’t bad for a little steampunk story.  It could work.  The story is there.  it can work with a little more elaboration and some work on the word choices and flowing the story a bit more. The style just doesn’t match what I like. On top of that, the characters Gerthu and Rudolf kind of frustrated me a little as the story went along.  I didn’t stand behind them or agree with their character traits.  I think the biggest thing was also in the writing style making the dialogue seem a little unusual.

Forever Young isn’t a long novel therefore, it limits how much I can write while keeping it spoiler-free. There are some decent characters that could’ve had gotten some more time to develop.  The writing was choppy.  While the idea was unique, it still fell short because of its length.


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