Dinner: Sweet and Sour Pork Chops

Teamwork, my friends! Our dinners are starting to really bring out a nice little team going on here.  I do the whole marinating and making sauces thing and he cooks it.  I don’t even want to attempt for the fear that I’d probably get it all burnt. This past weekend, we wanted to eat pork chops. These sounded really good and we had most of the ingredients so we decided to give it a little twist in a much lazier way than the already easy recipe here.

Sweet and Sour Pork Chops

sweet and sour pork chops

Inspired by this pin: http://damndelicious.net/2015/01/31/easy-pork-chops-with-sweet-and-sour-glaze/

  • Ingredients are the same as the link, except the butter
  • Instead of baking in oven, we cooked it in a pan.  Sauce was pre-mixed and marinated the pork chops in it before cooking.

I really like sweet and sour dishes.  Usually, sour means like adding pineapple to give it an extra kick or lemon.  You get what I’m saying? This recipe is a little different.  It uses balsamic vinegar.  We don’t usually cook with it.  Its available in our house but we just never know what to do with it. So, this was a nice way to experiment.  I’m not going to lie…we should’ve marinated it a little more. Like overnight.  But I’m a spontaneous cook and I just bought the pork chops that day for groceries because we had raided our house of any meat.

Enough of this rambling, this dish is great.  I don’t even think it needs to be in the oven.  Its why I changed the title from the recipe that inspired since the sauce is not a glaze.  I do recommend this.  If you do try this out in the oven, do tell me how it turns out. I just don’t like doing a whole lot of steps for cooking.  Sauce, meat, cook, done.  That works for me especially when we have to cook vegetables or whatever side dishes.  Oh yeah, we also tried out a little fries recipe that Zoe had recommended except we used it on sweet potatoes 😉 And they were so good, even if they should’ve been in the oven for a little longer to get it crispier.

What do you think? Do you like sweet and sour sauces? How do you like to make pork chops?

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