Unboxing: Horror Block [November 2015]

November has been a month of ridiculous mess everywhere.  I almost thought that Nerd Block had forgotten I had one more block but they resolved that really quickly and settled my mind a little.  If I didn’t get this, I might have been a little disappointed.  They had given a sneak peek that had me extremely excited. They promised a Sharknado item.  Don’t judge me.  Let me direct you over to my review HERE.  Actually, I’m excited for Arcade Block also.  So, this is the last block for Horror Block. I’m going to take a little break from it and maybe get back after the holiday spendings are over and I have the money for it. I’m liking this box, just need to balance my expenses a little. The story of growing up, right? 😉

Let’s check it out!

Horror Block [November 2015]

Horror Block

We never realized that every box opened with this message. So cool!

1) Exclusive Cleaning Cloth

Horror Block

Imagine my surprise, pulling out a cloth? Haha! Yay! Something to wipe my computer screen with, because its always so dusty as I wave papers and such around all the time. But then, all my mess is around the computer since I spend a lot of time here so what can I say? And the fabric is really soft!

2) Exclusive Springz: Twilight Zone Mystic Seer

Horror Block

I don’t know anything about The Twilight Zone except of its existence. Is that a bad thing? It might be and I might be judged.  But this is pretty cool.  At least my husband seemed to know what it was so we’re not completely clueless over here 😉

3) Exclusive Print/Autograph: Addy Miller

Horror Block

I haven’t quite gotten into The Walking Dead craze yet, mostly because I was behind to start with and now its at like Season 5 or 6 or something and catching up has dropped in priority, especially when I have  a ton of series that I started and have like 2 seasons to catch up to.  Still, check out this art work! Its autographed and just looking super cool.  I might not hang it up on my walls or anything.  It might just encourage nightmares or give myself a jumpscare when I wake up in the middle of the night and go grab some water or something but I love the colors and its just wow!

4) Rue Morgue #162

Horror Block

I absolutely adore these Rue Morgue magazines. It might be one of the things I miss the most about these boxes, especially with January and February pulling in a lot of horror movies. Maybe I’ll miss some interesting topics.  With that said, Krampus has me absolutely intrigued.  I didn’t find time to see The Good Dinosaur with everything going on BUT, I’m working Krampus into my schedule.  I need to just reward myself for being crazy good and being relatively on track with Nanowrimo!

Who is planning to go see Krampus? 

5) Exclusive Shirt: Dracula

Horror Block

I LOVE THE T-SHIRT! Oh my goodness! It just blends into the shirt.  My new phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) has crazy awesome camera functions and it made this image appear much more than it actually was.  It really just shows up slightly on the shirt.  Such a nice vibe created with this shirt.  Its awesome!

6) Exclusive: Sharknado Vinyl Bobblehead

Horror Block

Normally, I do shirts last but the husband was all like I was going to love this because he knew I was waiting for this box for the Sharknado item.  Spoiler though since I haven’t seen the second or the third Sharknado yet but hey, I wanted a vinyl figure and here’s one. Its standing on a shark with his little Hoffsaw 3000! That is amazing! Now, I need to catch up with Sharknado 🙂


You know what? I’m going to miss Horror Block. Its reaped some really cool gear.  Almost every box has artwork and some vinyl figure.  Or it had a movie and always the Rue Morgue magazine.  I just love it.  This box was awesome.  My fave, of course is the Sharknado item but the artwork blew my mind.  Plus, the T-shirts always rule!

I’m definitely coming back to resubscribe to Horror Block somewhere down the road and I’m going to look forward to it!

How did you find this block? What item did you like the best?

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