The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: The Crooked Mile and the To Kill or Not To Kill Moment

Check out Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us over at That Moment In! Playing as Bigby Wolf is a pretty crazy awesome time 😉 I’m loving Fabletown!

That Moment

The StoryPicking up right where we left off in Smokes and Mirrors, Ichabod Crane has run away and we suspect him to have a very unhealthy obsession over Snow and possibly the man responsible for the death of the decapitated prostitutes. Bigby is more than angry.  Snow is on edge and Beauty and the Beast are implicated because of their connection to Open Arms.  It leads us to learn that there might be something bigger going on here and it involves a mysterious behind the scenes man called The Crooked Man.

Episode ReviewThe Crooked Mile puts everything in perspective. It picks up at full pace. We feel the danger of the situation. There was no doubt that Crane was a scumbag but the reveal of just what he does to a prostitute glamored as Snow is just shocking. This episode is about tough decisions. Bigby…

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