Spectre (2015)

An interruption in our normal scheduling of Netflix A-Z for another S selection but the one in the form of a newly released film in theatres called Spectre.  James Bond, 007, Daniel Craig, Action: Are you ready for it? I haven’t seen James Bond in theatres or anything else on opening day in forever, but with an overly enthusiastic friend, I did and also in the VIP cinema where we got to choose our seats and order food, plus, it cost me nothing because I managed to redeem it before the points system changed.  Perfect timing!

There’s been a ton of Spectre reviews and you’ve probably read a ton so I’m going to keep this short and sweet!

Spectre (2015)


Director: Sam Mendes

Cast: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, , Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Andrew Scott, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. –IMDB

What did I like:

  • Opening

There’s a lot to like about the opening.  I mean, not just the opening in Dia de los Muertos in Mexico because that was really fun and exciting. Plus, it did set the tone for what to expect for the rest of Spectre. But I mean like the opening with the song.  I’m not going to lie. When I first listened to Sam Smith’s song Writings on the Wall, I wasn’t that impressed. I like Sam Smith but something was off.  I didn’t even watch the video of it, just the music.  However, with the opening sequence, with the familiar faces of the last few Craig Bond films floating up in the background, it was done really well.

  • C played by Andrew Scott *a little spoiler territory*

I’m a huge Sherlock fan. I mean, who isn’t if you’ve seen it.  If you are that rare person who isn’t, just bear with me.  Andrew Scott is a phenomenon actor.  He just has this villainous or awkward vibe that flows from his body.  You know what’s the deal with him.  You watch your fair share of James Bond (and I’ve seen 50% of the 24 Bond movies) and you kind of get a good idea. Regardless, this guy is perfectly cast.

  • Bond Girls: Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux


We all know Bond girls are part of the highlights of a Bond movie.  They are a staple of beauty that stands out in the film. Monica Bellucci is a sexy lady and Lea Seydoux is much younger but also isn’t just pretty but her character helps Bond out a lot.  She’s not the usual damsel in distress. That makes her one of my favorite Bond girls right now. Plus, Bond girls work with the chemistry they have and man, were there some passionate scenes going on there.

  • Cars & Action &  Gadgets



James Bond is a man with gadgets.  He’s got the moves and the skills but he also has the perfect escape plan. Aston Martin versus the Jaguar (I think).  Sexy time watching awesome cars race through the city. That was an awesome sequence that was a ton of fun.

  • Villain


I haven’t watched anything with Christoph Waltz. Only little snippets of Inglorious Basterds and screenshots of Django Unchained. Don’t even know why but this man, just from screenshots looks like a fantastic villain. You know, that whole calm and collected villain which definitely is smart and has something meticulous and crazy swirling around his mind to unhatch the perfect plan. We get the back story of this man and just who he is.  We get to know what is this secret terrorist organization called Spectre. Brutal, intricate and smart all at the same time.  Christoph Waltz brings on a whole new angle of a subtle bad guy. He is toying with his prey in the most deadly ways.



The biggest factor of why I love Spectre is that this one truly made me fall in love with Daniel Craig.  Sad that its his last one, right? Daniel Craig oozes with exactly what James Bond is to me.  Forget about how I said Pierce Brosnan is the appearance of James Bond.  Daniel Craig is the whole package.  He’s got the looks, chemistry, smarts, actions, skills and the story to match all of it.  This guy is an amazing James Bond, at least to me.

What did I not like:

  • The run-time

I always complain about this in Bond movies.  It is a chore sometimes to watch James Bond because it always has some resolution half way and then pan out into a second scenario.  Its obligation to have 2+ hours of run time always makes me feel like its working so hard to drag it out. I was pretty tired when I went to see this and while I enjoyed 90% of the movie and stayed away for 99% of the movie.  There were moments I managed to really feel like sleeping.  It was a matter of seconds in the length of the movie but Bond films do hold a certain formula.  While the Craig ones try to stray away from it and add a lot more substance and deeper back story and dive a little into who Bond is on a more personal (and emotional) level, it still does do step into that territory once in a while.

Is it a huge criticism? Actually no, because Skyfall and Spectre both rank relatively high in the Bond movies. I’ve taken a few days since Friday night to work out which I like more. While Skyfall is like an adrenaline rush of emotions and I love it exactly for that.  Its serious and is through and through an action thriller that has lots to offer but Spectre is deeper.  We get more personal with James Bond and his love, mindset and just that ending… I love it!

 Have you seen Spectre? Are you planning to? Are you a James Bond fan?

12 thoughts on “Spectre (2015)

  1. Looks like this one is one to go see after all. I was on the fence and almost went this weekend but got a case of the “I don’t feel like doing anything other than staying in and eating leftover Halloween candy”… the daring and exciting life I live. I do love Monica Belluci and Christoph Waltz and the storyline seems to be pretty good. Great review!

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  2. Kim, it has been awesome seeing you experience Bond. There is such a diversity of opinion out there with this franchise that it’s hard to run out of things to discuss. As you know, I’ve been on a Bond journey myself (thank you for noticing 🙂 ) and I have yet to write up an official review of Spectre thus far. I have processed some of it thoroughly, though. That opening scene during el Dia De Los Muertos was absolutely off the wall. The tracking shot, the MUSIC, the color, it was riveting. I agree to that point. That IS one of the best Bond pre-title sequences.

    On the Bond girl, however, we have differing opinions. While I am glad that this girl was not a damsel in distress (she knows how to use a gun), I did not feel that she had any chemistry with Bond past the usual one-and-done formula. The movie insinuated that there was something more, yet I didn’t buy into it.

    The main criticism I had about Spectre was its writing. I found some elements and plot points to be too forced, there for the sake of being there. I will not venture into spoilers because that’s not what I do, but I think you can infer to what parts I feel were shoehorned in. Continuity in Bond films is nice, but I felt Spectre was too focused on establishing future films and playing with the newly reacquired Spectre property than delivering a riveting Bond film. The end sequence with the photos and the arrows on the wall felt too Joker-ish for my taste, too, once again, forced. Of course, this is a Bond film we’re talking about, but regardless.

    In the end, I liked the film. I didn’t feel that it lives up to Casino Royale or Skyfall, but time may allow it to grow on me some more. I will definitely be watching that opening scene for years to come.

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    • Hey! Chemistry -wise I was more on talking about Monica Bellucci. That scene was just wow. With Lea Seydoux’s character, there was some cliche moments but I think her character has potential to be deeper and it shows by how she’s different. She doesn’t just fall for Bond in a second.
      My opinion in any Bond film is that its overly long and there are too many frills to it. Its stretched much too long for its own good. Whats great about this one (and Skyfall) is that there is suffice amount of mysteries and action to sustain it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the “writings on the wall” but hey, they didn’t bother me too much.
      I don’t know if you listened to our podcast over at That Moment In on Bond. We talked about Bond and I had mentioned that Bond films are rather formulaic. Craig’s Bond films do try to break out of the mold but at the same time, it seems to be falling into it again. I don’t know. I think Spectre really worked for me because of how it ended. Did you see the end of the credits? I think they had to add that on just because of that ending they did. Haha!

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    • Skyfall is a unique addition to the Bond franchise. However, I think Spectre appealed to me quite a bit as well. Maybe its because its the first Bond film I saw in theatres 😉 That could build the hype up. But I thought it was still a rather solid and intriguing story.


  3. Saw this on Sunday. Far from perfect, and not nearly what Skyfall was, but I still found it entertaining. On the other hand, my mother hated it, my father didn’t think it was anything special, and my sister fell asleep halfway through. Lol.

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    • I’m not a fanatic of 007 movie. Its definitely formulaic. Haha! And for sure, its not Skyfall but something about it worked for me. Its a few scenes that I liked the jokes and the chemistry. And I just love Daniel Craig. That could be it also 😉 Skyfall and Spectre definitely have different pacing.

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  4. I cannot, cannot wait for this to release next weekend. I have been itching for it for way too long. I see the reviews are coming back so mixed. I don’t care. Daniel Craig’s Bond is my absolute favourite, and I will be wherever Christoph Waltz is. I am pretty excited. Great review!

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