Podcast: Is ATM (2012) Really That Bad And Is There A Deeper Meaning We’re All Missing?

We’re back with another podcast! David at That Moment In invited me back for another podcast. If you remember, a week or two ago, I posted my new segment Netflix A-Z and chose ATM for the first movie. David decided that we’d give this movie a fair look at it and try to find some meaning behind some of the choices in it.

Give it a shot as we discuss ATM and see if we found that there was something more than what its generally perceived as, a really bad movie 😉

That Moment In.com

Time: 30 minutes. Join David and Cohost Kim from Tranquil Dreams as we tackle the 2012 Horror/Thriller film, ATM, discussing potential theories behind the terrible direction, plot and production. Lots of fun.

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