Fantasia Fest 2015: Antisocial 2 (2015) & What Doesn’t Kill You (Short 2014)

Back to back Black Fawn Films! Yay!

I’m going to level with you on this one.  Antisocial 2 was one that I was pretty much debating to see.  Mostly because the time was bad like I would need to see if I could arrange work schedules and what not.  But, I did manage after a few later nights at work.  Antisocial wasn’t exactly a mindblowing experience.  You can see my review HERE!  But while some may not have liked it much, I thought it was decent plus the ending was absolutely great.  The sequel had the possibility of being amazing.   I was a little baffled why Antisocial 2 would have their world premiere in Fantasia because it does kind of limit your audience.  But still, I was there 🙂

Before the movie started, it was opened with a short called What Doesn’t Kill You.

What Doesn't Kill You

After dying in a horrific car crash, two bullied teens reappear completely healed and must decide the fate of their paralyzed friend.-IMDB

This was a really good short.  The young actors here are quite familiar although I can’t pinpoint where I saw them initially, and they are very good.  The story was great and the whole premise of it was intriguing.

Now for the main feature…

Antisocial 2 (2015)

World premiere

Antisocial 2

Director: Cody Calahan

Cast: Michelle Mylette, Josette Halpert, Stephen Bogaert, Samuel Faraci, Jake Michaels, Kassandra Santos, Kristina Nicoll

A few months after the Redroom virus takes over the world, Sam is on the run and pregnant.  After meeting a lady, she gives birth and her baby is taken away from her.  Three years later (I think), she is trying to track down where her child is while trying to avoid being killed by the infected and now the normal people who regard people who had done the surgery early on to stop the virus as Defects and also want to get rid of them. When she runs into a little girl called Bean, her father orders the return and captures and tortures her in hopes of finding a cure through her believing that she is special.  All this however has a time limit. The Redroom Virus is having an update and Sam must escape as the facility hopes to find the cure before it reaches 100%.

Antisocial 2

I needed these few days to kind of put Antisocial 2 into perspective.  So let’s start from the beginning.  Expectations…you really shouldn’t have those going into movies.  What I expected from Antisocial 2 was a zombie apocalypse movie.  What I got was a drama/virus apocalypse movie with a little bit of zombies and a lot of talking.  I mean, I like talking.  I love movies that get all talky and psychological and crazy and all that stuff.  I gobble that stuff up.  I guess what bothers me is that Antisocial 2 didn’t feel like a horror.  Or like its  generously 50% horror. The first act had a few very effective jump scares and there was a decent amount of zombies.  They were done well. The second act of Antisocial 2 is where it drags out a bit.  It goes into this facility, trying to find a cure, knowing the Redroom virus a little more. Its a lot of talk between Bean’s dad, Max and Sam and these ominous scenes in the background while torture and whatnot goes on.  It gets a little dramatic more than scary even if the Redroom virus is slowly getting more revealed and the whole reasoning of threats and what makes Sam so special. The third act is when things amp up a  little more.  While its not exactly in the horror zone, there is more blood and it picks up the intensity for the final scene that adds a little twist to things and makes you contemplate what that ending was about.  The movie ended at 7pm but I think I made sense of it when I was in line waiting to get in for Dark Places later that night.

Antisocial 2

Is Antisocial 2 a bad movie? No. Its not.  It may be decently average. Its a little disappointing because of the direction it took.  In its defense, I get the approach to let us use another angle to tackle this movie, not what the expectations would be and let us get to know the virus and build a story with it.  The story works for the most part but the middle was just so slow that it was a little boring.  The story was good.  It was really the execution of it that I questioned a little.  Even the atmosphere works well for the most part making it mysterious and setting up questions. Especially related to the scene below 😉

Antisocial 2

Antisocial 2 does have pros despite looking like I’m ragging on it a lot.  The characters and the cast.  Michelle Mylett is fantastic resuming her role as Sam.  She is a complete badass just like we left her at the end of Antisocial.  Bean, played by Josette Halpert is also a nice young character that steps in and she brings in a nice dynamic to the story.  While our obvious bad guy is Bean’s dad, Max (played by Stephen Bogaert) is despicably villainous and you just can’t help to hate this character (as you are meant to).  I wanted to punch Max in the face a lot. His intentions were noble (I guess) because he really just wants to protect the few “normal” people still alive in the world and find the cure but the means and the ethics behind his decisions are horrible. This cast is simply awesome.  Mostly because of them, the story is carried well.

 Overall, Antisocial 2 didn’t quite go in the direction of my expectations and the second act does fall flat because it gets a little wordy and drags out but the opening and finale is done well.  It has some nice jump scares and the cast is very great at bringing the characters alive and carry the story.  Although I didn’t dive into a lot of detail, there are some very well done scenes that kept Antisocial 2 going.  If the ending suggests a third one, I do wonder what direction it will take.  I would look forward to it with an open mind.  My suggestion: if you did enjoy Antisocial, is to give this a go but toss out those expectations and let Cody Calahan take you on a very different approach to the sequel 😉

10 thoughts on “Fantasia Fest 2015: Antisocial 2 (2015) & What Doesn’t Kill You (Short 2014)

  1. Oh cool, I didn’t know they made a second one! I reviewed the first awhile back and thought it was decent. Your review makes me wanna check this one out (if only to find out more about the virus, lol).

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    • Misty!!! Antisocial 2 is a very different sort of horror. If just for the performances, this one is worth it. I mean, its 90mins only so even when its drags out, its only for a little bit of time so its bearable 🙂 I left out a lot of details and its those moments that make this one at least worth a shot 🙂

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  2. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM – I thought the first one was decent with a bunch of flaws and a TERRIFIC ending – I’m sure I’ll give this a watch whenever it hits VOD – good work Kim!!

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