Unboxing: Arcade Block [July 2015]

Monday was a fantastic day.  Weird to say it about a Monday, right?

Well, I had a really hot weekend, weather-wise that got me a sunburn while eating a lot. I’ll talk about that in another post soon.  Sun and fatigue from running around the festival and everything going on in life kind of crashed and hit me this weekend and my body just wanted to sleep A LOT. So I passed out early at night and woke up a little earlier than normal, got a ton  of stuff done.  Long story short, it was a great weekend that made Monday great, even if we got a crazy thunderstorm.

Because of the thunderstorm that lasted for hours on and off, when I got home from work, my two mystery boxes were at my doorstep, soaked in rain. To make sure there wasn’t any damage, I did the unboxing without my fiance so while I kept the other box as a post (which will be up soon), I did the unboxing for the Arcade Block as a video. Its the first time I did editing on YouTube directly and I haven’t vlogged or made a video in a forever (maybe a few months ago at least), so umm…if its boring, I’m sorry…But I tried and its less than 7 minutes long so its worth it!

Hint: The gear is awesome! 🙂

What did you think of the gear in Arcade Block this month?

Which do you prefer: Unboxing videos or posts like THIS?

I wasn’t planning on posting this up but its kind of a timely thing to post these unboxing ones.  And I’m having quite a traffic jam of posts over here from stuff needing to be written (Festival film reviews) and a ton of other things because I’ve been out late all the time for the Festival. Enjoy!! 🙂

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