Christmas in July Blogathon 2015: Kim’s Favorite Characters in Christmas Movies

Check out my entry to the Christmas in July Blogathon over at Drew’s Movie Reviews. I decided to do a list of 7 of my favorite Christmas characters from various movies with some honorable mentions. But you have to head over to see who I chose to find under the mistletoe 😉 Who are your favorite Christmas characters? Remember to check out the other entries which have been absolutely awesome from quiz to reviews! 🙂

Happy Friday!!! 🙂

Drew's Movie Reviews

Next up in the Christmas in July 2015 Blogathon is Kim over at Tranquil Dreams. She’s composed a list of her favorite Christmas movie characters.  Kim, you may have the floor.

My Favorite Characters in Christmas Movies!

I have to admit writing about Christmas movies in July is a little weird.  I mean, my family celebrates Christmas pretty crazily so usually I have my fill in December.  But Christmas movies are really fun and cheerful and there are so many of them to praise.  Most of them I’ve praised over at my own blog but today we’re here for Christmas in July here so instead of reviewing a movie, I decided to put together a list of my favorite characters from Christmas movies.  Its not in any particular order but all characters I do enjoy watching a lot.

1) Arthur (Arthur Christmas)
arthur christmas

Arthur Christmas is one of…

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