Unboxing: Arcade Block [June 2015]

Its time for another unboxing of Arcade Block.  The month just flies by, doesn’t it?

I’m always excited to get the Arcade Block especially because it never gets lost in the mail since its just coming out of Ontario, which is pretty much my neighbor.  And well, Canada Post is pretty efficient 🙂 One of my good friends dropped by the same day we received this (and like two other packages) on Monday so she stayed as we unboxed it.

Let’s check it out!!

Arcade Block [June 2015]

COEXIST Bumper Sticker

Arcade Block

I probably won’t use the bumper sticker on my bumper.  However, let’s see which of these I can get. Here’s my guess….

C= Pac-man
O= Dreamcast
E = PS3 (???)
X = Xbox
I = Wii
S = Sega
T = Minecraft

RETRO Videogame Magazine

arcade block

Arkham Knight seems like the next big thing in the gaming world.  At least from the Youtubers that I follow, a lot of them are playing this.  It seems to be pretty cool.  The last RETRO magazine we got was Mortal Kombat X.  I flipped through this one quickly and it seems like decent reading material 🙂


arcade block

The boyfriend claimed this one right away.  This is some LED speedometer watch or whatnot.  I have no idea what it does.  It looks pretty cool and the LED lights are absolutely blinding.

PORTAL Magnets

arcade block

I’ve only played a little bit of Portal 2.  Its a really fun game and kind of my sort of game.   I still remember knowing about this game because I was watching these two guys do a co-op campaign on Youtube.  That was the game that introduced me to the world of gaming on Youtube.  Still, it reminds me that I have to get back to this one now that I have the PS3 in the same living quarters.


Arcade Block

I don’t know what Hunter of Zebes is but that poster is pretty good quality and looks super nice.  Anyone mind to share what this is? Maybe you can shed some light on this.


Arcade Block

Pretty cool, huh? I know of Team Fortress but this shirt sure looks awesome.

Overall, this box was pretty interesting.  I’m not sure if the bumper sticker is useful but everything else I can either read or figure out something to do with.  Plus, there’s Portal 2 and Batman. Those are winners 🙂

What did you think of this month’s Arcade Block? Are you a fan of any of these games?

3 thoughts on “Unboxing: Arcade Block [June 2015]

  1. The bumper sticker is fantastic! The Hunter of Zebes is referring to Samus Aran from the Metroid series. Zebes is the planet Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission take place on and is also where Samus grew up.


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