Unboxing: Hero Crate April 2015

Here we are! Back to another unboxing! This time is a brand new one time subscription for Hero Crate.  Hero Crate is a little different.  Its run by veterans and every month it features one character of whatever category they say.  So it still keeps a little mystery going.  April’s  Hero Crate was super hero themed and seeing as Marvel was right around the corner, my hope was that it would be one of those.  The concept is good BUT, only when you get a character that you land on that you care about.

Hero Crate was waiting for me when I got home from vacation.  Its a little later than expected for this to get posted but its been relatively busier than expected 😉

This month’s theme was Superheroes as mentioned before and the character chosen was….not Marvel but DC comics and Superman.

I’m not much of a Superman fan.  The only time any Superman thing worked for me was when there was Clark and Lois on TV when I was a lot younger. Regardless, I kept an open mind for this one and here’s the gear!!

Hero Crate: April 2015

Superman Shoe Accessory

Hero Crate


Superman Keychain

Hero Crate

Superman Bobble-Head

Hero Crate

Superman Sticker

Hero Crate


Hero Crate

 That’s it! A lot of Superman logos in various uses.  Any Superman fans out there? I could definitely give some gear away 😉 Out of all of this, bobble head collection and t-shirt are the ones I really like from this box.  Which makes me think whether I’d give this a second go.  I mean, Superman’s now out of the way, right? It’s only going to get better.  Decisions, right? I’ll still track this for a little while longer and if anything catches my attention, I’ll order another one.  These unboxing posts are usually really fun, so I’m going stay updated with this.

Are you a Superman fan? Any of this gear you like? 

11 thoughts on “Unboxing: Hero Crate April 2015

  1. Overall how would you rate the loot crate/hero crate experience. Do you find you are getting your money’s worth? Especially in regards to the items that you love and/or can use verses the stuff you would rather throw away/give to someone else?


    • Its a hit or miss but so far nerd block and arcade block are really awesome. 1up box varies but I like it enough. I haven’t ordered lootcrate but from the unboxing vids I’ve seen they look pretty good as well. Its worth it because most of the time if you like the t-shirt. Its already worth your money there. So far, hero crate is just the first one I ordered but its tricky for this one because its just focused on one character and the objects don’t have as much variety. Thats my first impression from it.


      • Thanks for the info. I was thinking about signing up for lootcrate but was not sure whether it justified the cost. I will have to give nerd block and the other services you mentioned a closer look before making a final decision.


      • 1up box is the most affordable out of all the services so it usually justifies the cost. The last two months have been great. I accidentally renewed my subscription but I don’t mind too much. A lot of people like Lootcrate so its probably a good choice as well. However, just like 1up box, its themed monthly. So its up to you what you enjoy.


    • I don’t have a problem with Superman stuff but there’s only so many Superman logos I can use 😉 If you want any of this, give me a shout, I’d mail it out to you 😉

      I do enjoy the random stuff. Most of the time, its really great gear. 🙂


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