Free to Read (May 21st-23rd): AWOL by Anthony Renfro

Anthony is one of my favorite bloggers and a writer who opened up the world of short stories and the horror genre to my reading library.

Plus, if you haven’t read my review on his novel AWOL earlier this year, check it out HERE!  If you don’t want to read that, take my word that I had a really fun time reading that one.  The structure of the story and the premise of it is pretty awesome.  I look forward to his future novels and short stories.

Now’s your chance to get his novel, AWOL for free for the next two days and give it a read.  As of yesterday till May 23rd, it will be available for free.  You will find all the links down below after the synopsis.

AWOL by Anthony Renfro

AWOL Anthony Renfro


Imagine that you are a character in a story.You have a home.You have a life. You have it all. Then suddenly you wake up alone and afraid in a cold, dark place. Somehow you find your courage and your voice. When you ask for help, words light up on a wall in the darkness. You read them and realize you are in the creative center of your author’s mind. Instead of rescuing you, the author asks you for help. This book is about the journey of that character, as he moves from story to story desperately trying to find his home.






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