So Many Movies Expiring! So Little Time! Help??

This is a sudden little random post to ask for some help.

Originally, I had put all my efforts into trying to wrap up Veronica Mars before it expired on May 7th on Netflix but then I found this fantastic deal on Amazon that included the complete series plus the movie at an extremely reasonable price so that’s good because just today, I realized that in the next week, there’s a lot of movies expiring on Netflix.  I won’t be able to see all of them but since you all are awesome fantastic buddies of mine and way more knowledgeable than I am at this movie thing.  I’m asking for a little help to choose which movies to watch.

Here are the movies that will expire by May 1st!

Here is a poll for you to put your choices.  I’ll set up 5 choices since the list does have 12 movies. If I’m really good at budgetting time, maybe I’ll get in about 7-8 of these. Whether you’ve seen it or not, whatever looks interesting to you, anything will help me in narrowing down what to watch 😉

I’ll keep this poll open and pick movies as I go along so even if you drop by later, and its before May 1st, please drop a vote! I’d really appreciate it!

Looking forward to see how this goes and if you have movie buddies, ask them to vote also 🙂 I’d be forever grateful!

Also, I’ll be getting these reviews up during my vacation in early May.

Thanks in advance for helping out! Love y’all! 🙂

17 thoughts on “So Many Movies Expiring! So Little Time! Help??

  1. Skip premonition if you if can, very disappointing film. Also, I was not a fan of Trance but I might be in the minority on that one. Try to squeeze in Walking Life and Unforgiven into you five if possible. Vastly different films, but interesting in their own ways.

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    • You know, it is disappointing about Premonition. Its the only one in this list that I started. I just remember like 20 mins in or something, I fell asleep..haha!

      Another one for Unforgiven. I’ll be giving that one a whirl. I’ll try to get in Waking Life 🙂


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