Two Wolves by Evan Sanders

Evan Sanders is a fellow blogger and writer who runs The Better Man Project, an extremely inspirational blog and also one of the first blogs I followed.  A few years ago, he launched his first book called The Better Man Project based on what he has learned and hoping to inspire others even a little bit.  If you haven’t read that book, its really worth your time.  I reviewed it right HERE!

I’m starting to think that I need little breaks between reading novels so Two Wolves have been launched a month or so (I can’t remember the exact time) but I’ve been wanting to read it.  If its anything as inspirational as the first one, this will be good.

Two Wolves

by: Evan Sanders

two wolves evan sanders

Two Wolves is a 64 page inspirational read.  What Evan does great is that he talks about what happens in his encounters that highlight and provoke the thoughts that lead him to being motivated and becoming the best of what he can be.  With a book like this, there isn’t much to review but rather reflect.

The best way to give a little summary of why its called Two Wolves is as Evan explains:

Two Wolves is about the balance between light and darkness in each of us. From the deepest darkest corners of our hearts where our secrets are held to the brightest moments of happiness and achievement, we all are subject to the full range of human emotion…The greatest lesson I have learned is how to make a choice to feed my world with light despite the constant battle going on inside me– (Two Wolves, page 9)

There’s something about reading Evan’s writing that makes me think back to myself.  When he starts this book, he talks about how he started in high school resenting writing because he wasn’t really good at it.  It reminds me a little of myself because I still don’t think that I’m improving but writing has always helped me sort through a lot of my thoughts seeing as I like to bury things inside instead of talking about it to others. First step to making something inspirational is making it relatable and Two Wolves does that. What makes me think was when he wrote this:

…I think writing gives me faith… Faith to me is about believing in something that you cannot see and also knowing that whatever your dreams or goals are, they can be achieved. Faith is about the understanding that we are capable of so much more than we can even begin to imagine (Two Wolves, page 8)

Aren’t we constantly battling light and dark? I can relate to that.  That battle is long and crazy and sometimes there are slip-ups and I fall back a little.  But its always important to remember, and reading Evan’s writing is always a reminder to remember that we need to keep going towards the light.  The dark may be attractive but once you fall in there, its another arduous journey back, even if you sometimes need to go there before knowing how to bounce back.

While reading Two Wolves gave me a chance to reflect and relate, there are still little things that make me think about how to reconsider a few things.  One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is being trusting others and when to stop rewinding and thinking back to certain things that happen before.  I mean, reflecting is good but I sometimes sit there months and months and it just pops back into my mind. He’s given me a different perspective that I’ve been putting some thought into.  It sure would make life a whole lot lighter and happier.

When something ends now, I give myself one time to go back and play everything out.  I allow myself to do whatever it is I feel like I need to do to get rid of it.  I write, talk it out, discuss it, curse at it, blame it, get emotional over it, and everything else in between – but when I feel like I’ve put it all out there, I won’t go back to it. There’s no point anymore. – (Two Wolves, page 32)

Two Wolves is really something special.  Its relatable, encouraging, thoughtful and inspiring.  Even though life is busy and ever changing, I’m actually in a pretty good place this year and even with this, Two Wolves still helped me filter a few little things.  It might just help me rest a few little issues sitting in that deep dark corner.  If anything, its a good read to shed a little light to stay positive.

For that, I end with a final quote from Two Wolves:

The day you achieve something big will be the day that you will feel overwhelming pride in yourself, a surplus of belief, and an excess of passion that almost seems to drip from your body.  But something else completely separate happens…the chances of something bringing you down because they can’t see what you see diminishes significantly. – (Two Wolves, page 60)

If you enjoy this sort of book and want some positive outlook, I definitely recommend giving Two Wolves a read. 🙂

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