1UP Box: March 2015

1UP Box took a little tour around United States and took a really long time to get here.  Tracking wasn’t exactly great either on the USPS site so it was just showing up points of reference that I didn’t know. Point is, right after Easter holidays, it got here. Of course, I wasn’t able to get a post up since we’ve been buried in the Fast and the Furious franchise.  With Furious 7 wrapped up yesterday and today being Friday, its time for a fun mystery box unboxing day!

First one is to catch up to last month’s business with 1UP Box for March! March’s theme: Villains!

Let’s see what goodies we got this time!

I’m sorry for the low lighting…I need to find another room with better lighting to do this next time!

1UP Box

1UP Box

Darth Vader Card Sticker

1UP Box March 2015

Darth Vader Playing Card

Hmm…every box has something that is really random and I think this is the one that I started off with. Not sure what I’m going to do with this.  Maybe I’ll find something to decorate with all these stickers I get from these boxes.

Jokes on You Whoopie Cushion

1UP Box March 2015

Whoopie Cushion

Let me ask you this: When was the last time you pranked someone with a whoopie cushion? Or got pranked? No doubt about it.  Its pretty cute 🙂 Not sure if I’ll use it because I’m a pretty nice person.  I can see my boyfriend pranking me with it though…

1UP Box Exclusive: Spoo-key Cover

1UP Box March 2015

Spoo-key Cover

I’m a massive Mario fan.  I love that universe to bits.  Everything is just so cute! This key cover is adorable.  Not sure if I’ll use it but man, I want to though.

Pocket Pop! Keychain: Harley Quinn

1UP Box March 2015

Pocket POP! Keychain: Harley Quinn

I’m not going to lie! As I watch other people do unboxing on boxes I don’t get, I’m starting to really like these little POP! figurines.  They look awesome! But I do have enough collections so I need to stop.  This one is pretty awesome!

I’m losing adjectives…”cute” & “awesome” are the only words in today’s vocabulary apparently….

Poster: Zelda

1UP Box March 2015

Zelda Poster

We’ve gone through this in a previous post.  I know really little on Zelda so ummm…I know someone who knows this stuff better than me (Drew? Help!).  Please tell me what this is from!  Its a pretty sweet looking poster.  I’m going to find somewhere to hang this up.

The Legend of Greed Wallet Pouch (I think)

1UP Box March 2015

Don’t know what this is… Legend of Greed wallet pouch…maybe?

This is pretty cool and it feels relatively good quality so I’m guessing its a wallet pouch because it opens.  The info card says nothing about it so I don’t know.

“Share a Joke” T-Shirt

1UP Box March 2015


This T-Shirt is adorable, isn’t it? I’d definitely wear it 🙂 Its also a 1UP Box exclusive one so when I wear it, you know I order 1UP Box. YAY! 🙂 People can judge my life choices, but who cares? I think this box was immensely better than the last one.

1UP Box March 2015

March theme Pin

There we go! 1UP Box for March 2015! Woohoo! 🙂 

Thoughts? Knowledgeable info? Which of these items do you find cool?

12 thoughts on “1UP Box: March 2015

  1. Haha I’m glad I’m now your Legend of Zelda expert. 😛 I don’t recognize that poster from any specific game but I’d say it’s probably for Spirit Tracks, the second LoZ game on the DS. The character jumping in the foreground is Dark Toon Link, who only appears in that game and the giant guy in the background is called a darknut, a staple LoZ enemy who has a prominent part in that game (Princess Zelda’s spirit inhabits a darknut for most of the game. Long story).

    That Boo key cover is pretty cool. It took me a second to realize the pop can said “Joke” not “Coke” on the shirt. Made it 10 times funnier. As a huge Star Wars fan I’m digging the Vader playing card. They should make a whole deck based on that.

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    • Haha! I haven’t gotten into the Star Wars verse much.
      I do want to get into the Zelda world but dude, those games are freaking expensive now… Plus, I only have a DS and not a 3DS so that poses some issues there.
      Seriously, THE BEST THING in this box is the T-shirt and the Boo key cover. Boo may be a villain but so adorable 🙂 Oh, and the poster, of course!
      And yes, you are now my LoZ expert. I have a feeling it plays a big part in these boxes.


      • WHAT!? Haven’t gotten into Star Wars? C’mon, Kim. I’m so disappointed in you right now. 😛

        The Legend of Zelda series a great series (I’d say my favorite of all time), that’s cool that you want to get more into them. I would recommend using emulators if you don’t care about having hard copies. That’s how I played the ones I didn’t have already. I don’t know how much or how many you have played, but If you haven’t played a lot and want to gauge your interest in the series, play The Minish Cap on the GBA. It is comparatively short and pretty simple but has all of the core mechanics of the series. Then if you like it move on to the others, either by release order, chronological order, or no order at all. 🙂

        I hear ya on the expensive aspect. The problem with LoZ games is they are Nintendo games which don’t lose their value over time, much like DIsney is to movies. A game that is $40 when released is still $40 a few years later which sucks.

        Yay! I knew all that game playing would become useful one day.:-D Time to quit my day job.

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      • I promise I’ll catch up with Star Wars…It just hasn’t been a thing around my circle of friends. I have a million things to catch up with.
        I have been looking at the whole emulator game but I had my PC built not for gaming so I need to get a graphics card.
        Yeah, Nintendo games are intense. But you know, it took me forever to find Partners in Time and it was still the same price..same goes for Yoshi’s Island.
        Hey, if the Youtube gaming community has proved anything, you can make it doing Let’s Play and whatnot. Its all a matter of time. If only that were the case with blogging..haha!


      • Sounds like you need a new circle of friends. 😉

        You should be ok using an emulator without having a graphics card, the CPU should be enough. Emulators don’t use that much processing power that your current set up should be fine. I’d say give it a try. If you want more information or want to talk more about it, go ahead and email me.

        Haha Yea, if only blogging were that easy. 🙂 But there is nothing like experiencing a game for yourself.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Drew! I’ll email you if I need to know more about emulators 🙂 I just gotta get my PC set up first…
        You know, gaming and first hand experience is awesome. Except now I can’t play first player shooter or like adventure-ish games. I’m an awesome multitasker, except not in gaming (like PS3 games). That why handheld consoles work so much better for me.

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  2. Love that Vader card! I’m with Drew on this, a whole deck would be really cool. And that boo key cover and the POP! Harley – so cute. After loving all of your unboxing posts I ordered my first Nerd Block last month, but I unfortunately missed March so I’ll have to wait for April’s. Really looking forward to seeing what’s in it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome! I just received my Classic Grab Block at the same time as this one. So that unboxing is going up soon as well. Its the only actual Classic Nerd Block I’ve gotten. I just got an email about the April’s theme so I think it might be really cool. I’m debating ordering one myself. Haha! 🙂

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