The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

And we’re here moving the Fast and the Furious series to Japan with no one of consequence from before.  Nothing but cars and they don’t even do drag race, they just drift.

Before we start, for me to rewatch this one is ONLY because Furious 6 decided that it was going to loop by to make this one relevant in Furious 7.  This one was my most despised from this entire series and if you think otherwise, I’ll just look at you and blink in confusion but that’s okay.  I give second chances, and here is Tokyo Drift’s second chance to impress me, now that its become relevant. Kind of.

Let’s check it out! *hesitates before pressing play*

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

fast and the furious tokyo drift

Director: Justin Lin

Cast: Lucas Black, Nathalie Kelley, Sung Kang, Brian Tee, Shad Moss

Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) is a rebellious kid.  His actions and desire to mostly street race in a destructive way has caused him to be in a lot of trouble and because of all this, him and his mom has had to move from city to city so that he can actually go to school. When his lastest illegal street race against his school rival destroys a housing project along as totalling his car, his mom sends him off to Japan with his father who is in the military to avoid jail time. Although his father sets rules for him to follow and forbids him to ever touch a car, he ends up messing with the nephew of the mafia and his girl.  To his surprise, Tokyo racing is all about drifting and he knows nothing about that.  When he totals Han’s car, Han takes him in to not only recover his debt to pay off the car he destroyed but also, to teach him a thing or two about how things work in Tokyo.

What the hell did I just write? Before we do this, let me tell you, watching this movie took a whole lot of junk food and writing those previous two Fast and Furious posts to get through it. Because it just wasted my time and I ended up hating it even more.  I’m keeping this short with a few points…


Tokyo Drift

Han is one of my favorite characters in the Fast and Furious franchise.  I didn’t feel relevant because in the next one, he shows up again, making it seem like they wanted to forget the existence of Tokyo Drift.  I wonder if Justin Lin intended for this the whole time.


There is no part of me that likes this character. For one, that accent is atrocious and he kind of loses it in parts (at least it seems like it). And then he’s not even good looking enough for all these hot chicks to go for.  Is it because he totals car that makes him attractive?  Bad boys are great because they have charm or something, this guy has nothing.  Nothing at all. I hate his face, his character, his voice….and I had to watch him throughout this entire thing. His main fault: not learning from his mistakes. Stop falling for the wrong girls! Just STOP!


tokyo drift

Being set in Japan, the cars were all really great.  They just looked awesome.  I think my boyfriend said that some things didn’t make a lot of sense during the racing but the cars were quite good? I could be wrong but the racing sequences were alright.

THE BAD #2: D.K.

According to me, Tokyo Drift has no villains.  This DK character was a villain? Why? Because he was trying to keep a girl that his family took care of after her mom passed away? Or because his uncle was the mafia? He is a nobody.  Not intimidating.  His crew wasn’t either.  You know what he was? He was annoying…


tokyo drift

This was the highlight of this movie.  It was knowing that Vin Diesel was coming back to the franchise.  Vin Diesel is the Fast and the Furious franchise and he makes everything awesome even if he shows up for like 10 seconds. At least now we know why he showed his face, right? (or you do if you saw Furious 7)


Tokyo Drift

Neela & DK

Neela and DK are at similar levels of emptiness for me. I wonder what these two boys see in her. I mean, she’s the reason ALL OF THIS *waving the movie DVD case around* happened.  If she didn’t go and chat up Sean knowing her own boyfriend’s possessiveness, the rival wouldn’t have started. Plus, she was nothing special.  Because she can drift cars? Or she has amazing personality? Not really.  The story didn’t develop her character (or any other ones much). Look, I can be really forgiving of random people being attracted to each other and love stories.  I enjoy Nicholas Sparks movies, okay? I can believe almost anything, as cliche as they get.  This one…I just don’t think she’s all that great.

Why did I never pick this for Shitfest, right? The story was pretty much nothing.  The characters weren’t developed and I really dread watching this again.  I guess its because I didn’t want to put Sung Kang (aka Han) into the crap pile.  He deserves more than that.  Plus, Vin Diesel’s cameo makes up for a lot of unhappy feelings.

Anyways, point is: Tokyo Drift is my least favorite in the Fast and Furious franchise.  Even though, its made relevant now because of Furious 6 and 7, its still not exactly relevant.  I’d forego it if I were to watch this series. I’m done with this one. I have nothing else to say.

Have you seen Tokyo Drift? Did you like it? If you did, please tell me why.


17 thoughts on “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

  1. Haha. I prefer this to the second. Tokyo makes for some great set-pieces and because it starts with a totally new cast, it didn’t feel like it was forcing anything long, like 2 Fast 2 Furious, which seemed to do things, just because it could. At the very least, this one wiped the slate clean for the fourth to reboot the entire series into something incredible.

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    • I think 2 and 3 really are the ones that are a toss up between which is worse. I’ve heard it both ways. I just can’t appreciate this one because it just feels so empty. Other than Han and a nice set and cars and cameos, I didn’t quite enjoy it. But I guess I can see your argument of why you’d like this one better. 🙂

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  2. You didn’t like how Sean plowed his car through the house?! Or the drifting?! Jk.
    After watching Han die (love Han) and seeing being resurrected through out the films I was like wtf is going on?
    My least fave fast and Furious, is 5. When the Franchise is no longer about racing and is about the heists. And Hobbs is introduced. Come on! Really?

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  3. Tokyo drift was the last F&F film to stick to any sort of realism, and the reason it does not appeal to many people is because of the depth of jdm cars, culture and how it is massively distanced from the original storyline. For me this one and the original are my favorites, because they have the essence of drivers having to develop along with learning realistic challenges. Lastly you see Tsuchiya-san fishing in the harbour scene which is only something people will understand that follow JGTC or hot version/bmi etc and I think reinforces how this film was really aimed at the enthusiast.

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    • I get all that. I do. My boyfriend is quite the car enthusiast so he was sitting there telling me about the cameo with the drift guy on the harbour and the whole cars and driving and realism of it. Its the characters that bothered me, I think. They just weren’t that interesting.
      If its anything we learned from this franchise, you gotta be able to suspend a whole lot disbelief. LOL! And I’m fine with that.
      Nice points, Kenny! I get what you’re saying 🙂

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      • I agree with the characters, could of been a stronger link with some people in the first or second movie for that matter. You never really know what will happen in F&F lol indeed the disbelief ! If you check out this old blog post of mine you might recognize a car from the film:

        On the subject of movies I did watch a recent film called ‘Lost River’ which I thought was truly excellent, perhaps add it to your maybe list of movies when all this fast and falling outta planes in cars blows over lol 😀

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      • You mean that sweet RX7, right?
        I have been contemplating going to see Lost River. There’s been mixed reviews but it looks like the sort of movie I’d enjoy. I think its limited release though…and that means it’ll probably skip my local theatres…

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      • Oh cool you spotted the car 🙂 Yeah the film got slammed at the Cannes film festival but I really think it’s a good film despite what some say, it’s visually stunning though to say the least…

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  4. I actually like this *slightly* better than 2 Fast 2 Furious. (I can feel your blank stare) The drifting aspect was pretty cool and the new location made it feel unique. Other than that, I agree with all your points 100%. Nice review.

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    • Thanks Drew! 🙂
      To be fair, I like drifting and the setting in Japan is usually interesting. While this movie embodies those elements, if I wanted to watch a racing car movie similar to it, I’d just pick up Initial D (the movie). Its not great but its better than this one and has a cast that I actually like.

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  5. Haha! The only thing good about Tokyo Drift was:

    1. The Driving
    2. Making me appreciate Fast 5 because Tokyo Drift dropped the bar so low

    I raged through the whole movie, so awful! Nothing made sense! And who the hell sends their kid to Tokyo as punishment?

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