Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm (A Graphic Novel Anthology)

A little change in plans but still, this contributes to the 2015 Reading Challenge I had posted about before.  I haven’t had quite the concentration and energy to get into the next scheduled novel quite yet so I sat down one night after rearranging my books on the shelf in my den and pulled this graphic novel that I picked up after I saw the movie, Prince of Persia a few years back.  I love the games on Playstation, even though I think I’m halfaway through the last one.  I should get back to that.  Regardless, I picked this up because graphic novels are just fancy comic books to me 😉

Let’s check it out!

Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm
(A Graphic Novel Anthology)

Prince of Persia Before the Sandstorm

By: Jordan Mechner

Art by:
Tim Fowler, David Lopez, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards,
Cameron Stewart, Niko Henrichon, Pete Pantazis, Dave Stewart

Five very different people are about to be put to death for a crime they didn’t commit.  Well, one of them may have done it.  But the only way they can escape the hangman’s noose is to find the common thread that ties them together  The one man they have all encountered, and who changed their lives — Dastan, the prince of Persia! – Before the Sandstorm book cover

Prince of Persia are fabulous games.  They are fun and entertaining. The story is great and even though some of them have slightly frustrating gameplay, its still decent.  I haven’t revisited the movie since maybe 3-4 years ago when I bought it.  From what I remember, it was forgettable because all I remember is Jake Gyllenhaal…and nothing much else.  This graphic novel is a compilation of six stories sprouted from the people involved in this bigger story of their connection to Dastan before the events of the movie/game, whichever you can relate to more 😉 Since the film is an adaptation of the game, right?

I’m pretty sure Prince of Persia isn’t the cornerstones of what a great graphic novel is.  Despite the art from 8 different artists, there is a similar style and all of it is pretty.  It reflects what the story and its colorful and just done really well.  I can’t exactly say the same about the story.  Its not exactly a thrill ride to read.  Its probably why I did it it over a couple of days, reading one or two stories a day.  Its not a bad story but it never really has much uniqueness to it.

This is a pretty short graphic novel and its just like an equivalent of a short story anthology just for graphic novel style. So I’ll keep it short.

While I didn’t fill like it was the best, I’m not going to hate on it either.  And its not going to ruin my exploration of future graphic novels, which I intend to do. The art is really good and that will make me want to check out more in this genre.

Are you a fan of graphic novels? Any suggestions? Have you read Prince of Persia Before the Sandstorm?

 Happy Easter! 🙂

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