Arcade Block Unboxing: March 2015!

A month passes by so quick! We’re at March’s Arcade Block unboxing! Just received on Monday and I headed over and unboxed it!

This month is a special one because there’s two shirts in the box! It also marks the end of my first 3 month subscription of this block.  While I had originally wanted to give the other two blocks a shot, the final decision was that we’d continue with the Arcade Block for a 6 month subscription because we just love gaming stuff too much 🙂  I probably will give Horror Block a go at the end of the year around October. As for Nerd Block, I ordered the Nerd Block version of Grab Block which is stuff from last year’s inventory or something. I don’t quite mind.  So a few things coming in the mail soon! The fun never ends! 🙂

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s check out the March goodies!!!

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

Gameboy Notebook

arcade block march 2015

Gameboy Notebook

Arcade Block March 2015

Guess who is using this? 😉 Same as for the Tetris notebook in January!!

Stress Controller 

arcade block march 2015

stress controller

I’m really hoping that they stop with stress balls in whatever cute style it is.  If I keep up with this, I’ll have to start giving them away or using them to cushion the wall or some other useful substitute for its original purpose.  I’m stressed but not THAT stressed…

Street Fighter  LED Flashlight

arcade block march 2015

arcade block march 2015

I’m not great at combat games but Street Fighter was iconic.  Mortal Kombat and Tekken was also a phase but nothing really compares to Street Fighter and the awesome characters.  I’ve already found a use for this flashlight in my new and really not very well lit neighborhood.  Haha!

Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book

Arcade Block March 2015

Batman Arkham Knight Comic Book (Arcade Block Exclusive)

This looks really cool. The whole exclusive item being Batman Arkham Knight and honestly, its one of the reasons I want to get a PS4.  The upgrade will happen eventually this year.  But all this is right now is paper in a plastic bag because the boyfriend is forbidding me from opening it.  Apparently its how comic books retain their worth x amount of years down the road. Excuse me, if thats the case it works, how do you read comics, eh? I don’t understand….  I’m too practical for this hobby apparently.

Double T-Shirt Month!

Arcade Block March 2015

Far Cry 4 (?) T-Shirt

Arcade Block March 2015

Super Smash Bros T-Shirt

I’m not gonna lie! I had to research that Kyrat shirt up there.  Far Cry 4 was never anything I was interested in.  Still, I’m not even sure if it actually is that.  Haha! But, I like love Nintendo so I know about Super Smash Bros.  I haven’t played much of it but I do know what it is 🙂

Here we go! March’s Arcade Block! Everything was really cool! 🙂

I should have another unboxing sooner than the next month!
And unboxing will get its own spot on the menu up top. Look for it!

Thoughts? Anything goodies this time that you like?

14 thoughts on “Arcade Block Unboxing: March 2015!

  1. The Far Cry t-shirt is about a pirate radio that play every time you get in a vehicle if you freed a nearby radio tower (ubisoft style).

    The host as a very thick indian accent and is quite funny. He comments about the game event (revolution in a tibet-like country) make dirty jokes, etc…

    The game as a whole is very forgettable, but the radio show is probably the only thing one will remember later on 😉

    And happy birthday, btw 🙂

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  2. Awesome stuff!! My favorites are that Gameboy Notebook (looks pretty stylish), I still write in a physical journal for most of my “to do” stuff…and the Smash shirt =) Looks cool without being TOO commercial! Do they ask for your t-shirt size when they do these things?

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