The Color of Happiness by K.P Gazelle

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Thank you to Radiant Books for reaching out to me to review The Color of Happiness in exchange for an honest review!

Its been an exciting journey checking out some new authors which vary in many different categories.  I’m hoping it will continue 🙂 The Color of Happiness was just released in March 2015 so its absolutely new.  You can find all the author info and websites at the end.

The Color of Happiness

by K.P. Gazelle

The Color of Happiness

Faith Lane is the girl who has everything.  At least, that’s what everyone thinks when they see her rocking a killer dress while laughing with her best friend, Tiffany.  But Faith’s life is far from flawless.  Her peers torment her relentlessly, and her parents expect her to be the epitome of perfection.  Criticized and pressured at school and home, Faith retreats into silent acceptance and finds an escape in her passion of dancing.  Then she meets Alex – quirky, forever with a pass, and concealing a mysterious secret of his own.  And through his encouragement, Faith starts believing in her gift for dance and gains courage to stand up for herself.  But will she be able to keep her footing when the events of one night consume her with the need to jump off the rocky cliffs near her coastal home?  And what has pushed her to the edge of reason? – Sent to me by Radiant Books

 The Color of Happiness is a Young Adult novel that brushes through being different in high school.  On one hand, I could understand what our main character Faith Lane was going through: not dressing like the popular kids, having strict parents, not really sure where to find encouragement but having a solid best friend that is always there when you need her.  I remember high school well enough.  Maybe not to her extremity.  While, there were some rather sweet, or should I say sappy parts in this, there was a lot of it that didn’t really work with me.  This puts it in somewhat of “a enjoyable but could have been better” reading experience.

How about we start with the positives? The main positive is in the character of Alex, that charming boyfriend who would do anything for her.  I don’t know, high school boys were never like that or maybe I just was in a pretty crappy public school? Regardless, I bought Alex’s character and he should have been more because those sappy moments were as sweet as the book could be.  If anything, I connected with his character more than Faith’s.  Those moments reminded me a little of the 80s high school world with hints of those amazing high school boys like Jake Ryan or Lloyd Dobler.  That was a pretty nice feeling to have during my reading.

Aside from that, everything wasn’t quite done as well.  If the novel had chopped off all the unnecessary details of clothing choices over and over again, it would have cut off a few pages.  I love details because it can bring a scene alive but when overdone, after a while, it just feels like it was dragging.  Plus, the writing style made me feel like I was peeking into a high school girl’s diary.  I’m not saying the vocabulary or writing but the way the events were given felt like I was shamelessly eavesdropping. At times, that worked for me but a lot more times, it didn’t.  Why? All comes down to how I had a hard time connecting to Faith.

This leads me to my last point: Faith’s character.  When a novel is in first person narration, I guess the most important growth would be in that character itself.  Faith’s character developed as she met more people and experienced good and bad events.  That’s absolutely a good thing but at the same time, her character’s development felt a little too reliant on others than herself finding the inner strength.  So, this comes to the point: did she really grow?

Overall, The Color of Happiness was an average reading experience.  While I enjoyed the scenes with  the boy Alex and Faith bringing back some 80s high school movies and that epic sappy and sweet feeling, my lack for connecting to the main character and some of the overly detailed scenes dragged the story along frequently to make me realize it.  I’m a little on the fence with this one even after having finished reading it a few days.  I gave it 3/5 in Goodreads and I think that reflects how I feel the novel in general.

However, if you do like this sort of realistic Young Adult novel, I do urge you to give it a chance.

If you’d like to check out the author info and where you can find her, check it out below:

Author Bio:
K.P Gazelle has been connected with young adults in some way for as long as she can remember.  She’s obsessed with coffee, books, and big dreams.
Author Websites:

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