Music Obsessions!

Here we are at another Music Obsessions!

I think this past 2 months have been the busiest I’ve ever had on Twitter.  I don’t quite understand how this whole following business works but somehow I gained a bunch of followers and it started with music artists and then followed with some gamers (maybe I’ll do one for that also). Man, the hidden talent is amazing so this is what this Music Obsessions is partially about! I’ll give it varied and some artists I found through some collabs with artists I already like.  Whatever the reason, they deserve more exposure 🙂

Lets check it out! Enjoy!

Also, there is no particular order, probably just how I pulled it off my YouTube list.  Just so I don’t overwhelm you, maybe I’ll do a Part 2 next week.  I mixed it up with some fast and slower songs, but every selection is some form of feel-good vibes 🙂 I do a quick recap of who and what music each of these cover and what I liked about them, if you only have time for a few and don’t like all sorts of genres.

This Too Shall Pass – Five Times August

Never Be Alone/Story of My Life (Shawn Mendes/One Direction mashup) – An Honest Year

Why Worry – Set It Off

Slow It Down – Nate Maingard

They Hunt In Packs – Amongst Thieves

Reborn – John Helios

 Lets start with 6, okay? You can probably just play these while doing whatever you are doing and it won’t hinder you in any way.  I think I covered pretty much a good bit of genres.

I have some hardcore music here with Amongst Thieves.  That one took me by surprise because I usually don’t prefer that sort of music.  John Helios puts together some killer beats.  If Set It Off doesn’t put you in an amazing mood, I really don’t know what to say.  An Honest Year did an incredible fast-paced mashup of two songs that I didn’t quite like separately from the original singer/group but I really loved it in their version.  If you like guitar, thoughtful lyrics and great vocals, Nate Maingard and Five Times August is what you are looking for.

I’m definitely going to need a Part 2, just give me some time to put it together 🙂

Which one(s) did you like from this selection? What songs are you listening to on repeat?

 Happy Sunday! 🙂

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