Begorrathon 2015: Irish Soda Bread

To celebrate the wealth and breadth and general awesomeness of Irish cultural life,746 Books and The Fluff is Raging are co-hosting a month-long cultural celebration of all things Irish. – The Fluff is Raging

Begorrathon is also called Ireland month and it runs throughout March.  I don’t know a whole lot about Irish culture.  The only thing I know is Saint Patrick’s Day and I don’t even celebrate that with friends.  Well, this year, the celebrations are more than sitting at home (at least) but going to see Cinderella with my girl friends.

Still, I wanted to contribute with something a little different and challenge myself at a few recipes.  The first challenge is in my more polished domain, baking an Irish Soda Bread (although you wouldn’t believe that based on this recipe).  Now, this is a little challenging because I had to somewhat research the components of an Irish Soda Bread and wonder if I got it right because I’ve never tasted it before… Tell me, what does Irish Soda Bread taste like? I guess I’ll find out.

I’m completely unfamiliar with Irish cuisine so please don’t judge the appearance…


Irish Soda Bread

Recipe inspired by Frugal feeding and you can find it right HERE.  Click through to see the recipe I used for this Irish Soda Bread with a little tweaks of my own (listed further down).

Outer appearance is not quite so important since the interior looks alright.

Irish Soda Bread

The main difference probably is that Frugal feeding’s recipe uses wholemeal flour and I only had all-purpose.  I wonder if gluten-free would’ve made it better.  Maybe I’ll try that on a second attempt.

The texture was actually pretty good and the taste was decent for something that had nothing other than honey and some homemade buttermilk (found online HERE!) I’m actually not sure about that because I’m lactose-intolerant, I had to change milk to almond milk. I think it might have made a difference also.

Tons of substitutes for ingredients in this one but in the end, it smelled good as it was baking.  Despite looking not so great, the bread tasted relatively appealing.  I thought it would taste weird and it didn’t. Thats a plus! Guess I can’t always judge the ingredients and predict what will come out.


I’m definitely planning on giving this a second go.  I had a bit of trouble with the consistency and I really want to figure it out. I enjoy exploring different recipes so that helps.

For those you who have tried Irish Soda Bread, what is the actual texture and taste supposed to be like? Can you describe it just to see if mine was actually successful?

Plus, I have at least one more Irish recipe I’m planning on trying out this weekend, once I decide on what.  I just saw an Irish Whiskey Cake some other blogger had posted.  Is that something I should do or should I go with a main meal/dish (which was my original plan)?

Remember to go check out Begorrathon over at The Fluff is Raging.  Just in case you don’t want to go up and get the link, its right HERE! Explore the Irish culture by checking out all those fantastic posts.  I still have a bit of catching up myself but from what I’ve seen, its pure awesomeness!

8 thoughts on “Begorrathon 2015: Irish Soda Bread

  1. Your soda bread looks absolutely delish. I usually use gluten-free flour myself (a few dietary restrictions in the family), but would usually recommend wholemeal to others as I personally can’t stand that overly flour-y taste (if ya get me, I’m probably making no sense). I’ve never used almond milk before, I should try that. It’s hard to describe the taste of soda bread. My mother usually says that it’s very tasty, but while you’re eating it, you realise it’s probably good for you too. But then we go and do something like smother a slice with yummy, full-fat butter, or delicious strawberry jam. We’re weirdos.

    I always recommend that people try to do a Traditional Irish Stew if they want to try a main. It takes a while to cook, but it’s relatively easy, and if you mess it up, it’s still going to be very tasty.

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    • Thanks, V! 🙂
      I get what you mean with the flour! Actually, I’ve been using gluten-free flour for all my past year’s recipe. I’ve realized that I’m a little gluten-sensitive myself so I’m changing my ways in hope that it might actually offset some other dietary restrictions I’ve had. So far, its been good. But for this one, I just ended up with this new type of GF flour and its not all that great so in hopes of expanding the amount of people willing to eat it at home, I used normal flour but realized that Irish Soda Bread is supposed to be better with less gluten. Live and learn, right? 😉
      I’m probably going to bake something Irish tomorrow (if I figure out what) and do some cooking next week, so maybe I’ll try the stew then. 🙂 Maybe apple cake? Pinterest seems to say that its an Irish recipe, I don’t know…

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      • I’ve seen pics of your apple cake all over the place (for Begorrathon) and it looks amazing! So, I’m off now to check out the recipe. I absolutely love a nice apple cake. It goes so well with a hot, strong cup of tea. Yummers.

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