Brunch & Hotel de Glace (Quebec City, Quebec)

I’m extremely behind with getting this post up.  I went to Hotel de Glace (aka Ice Hotel) in Quebec City with my girl friends the Saturday before last (I already posted about the last one).  We had found a pretty great deal on Tuango which included a brunch at the Four Points by Sheraton Quebec resort.  After the brunch, we went to the Ice Hotel which was about 5 minutes away.

Let me just say, Four Points by Sheraton Quebec resort is a little bit in the outskirts of Quebec City but its a lovely place. For one, we were there for the brunch buffet which was rather delicious.

Sugar Cubes

Sugar Cubes

Plus, they had white and brown sugar cubes.  I don’t see cubes much these days and to see brown sugar on top of that.  I had a field day with that. I’m an odd person, what can I say? 😉

Now, lets see the actual brunch!

Four Points by Sheraton Quebec Resort

Plate 1: Bacon, Croissant, Potatoes, Tourtiere, Eggs, Sausages

Four Points by Sheraton Quebec Resort

Plate 2: Ham, Bacon, Potatoes, Watermelon, Cantaloupes

And one of the girls plates to see some more that I didn’t or couldn’t eat 🙂

Four Points by Sheraton Quebec Resort

Waffles & Omelet

And the resort itself had this really nice balcony in the back that was extremely cozy.

Four Points by Sheraton Quebec Resort

After that little bit of exploration, we were ready to head over to the Hotel de Glace for a few hours and hopefully not freeze too much there. We were all geared up with extra layers of shirts, sweaters, pants, socks.  One of the girls had snow pants and heated soles for her boots.  All must-haves for this visit 🙂

Hotel de Glace

The Ice Hotel

Just so I don’t pain everyone with a really long post.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.  Can you take a guess as to which was my favorite one that had a whole lot of attention? You can see descriptions as you scroll over the pictures.  Some of them have question marks next to the theme of the room but I forgot the actual name and I can’t seem to find the pamphlet, not that I think it has it on there.  I’m not sure…

The theme of this year’s 15th anniversary of Hotel de Glace is: Space-Time.

The design of the Hôtel de Glace draws inspiration from space-time, a theme that takes visitors on a dazzling journey through successive areas, where past and future remain frozen in time – Hotel de Glace site

There were a few more themed rooms and a bunch of regular rooms but choices, my friends 🙂

You know what else makes this hotel awesome even if its mega freezing in there, they have an ice slide.  Can you believe it? An ice slide! Last time I visited, it was almost 8 years ago or something.  And I think I took my happiest picture going down a much shorter slide.  I wish I had my snow pants though, because it would’ve been a lot faster and more exciting. I was still some good fun this time around 🙂

Hotel de Glace

Ice Slide

The slide was our last activity at the Ice Hotel before ending our day trip to Quebec City and heading home.

It was a nice day out with my girl friends and if you ever have the chance, its a great place to visit.  I promise you that its a rather fun experience. Plus all the themed rooms are super pretty.  My pictures don’t do them justice. If you fancy, you could even stay overnight or attend their late night events at the lounge, bar, dancing area.

What do you think about the Ice Hotel? Have you ever been to one before? 


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