Slash: The Complete Serial Novel by Evan Kingston

After what feels like a million movie reviews, I need a little break to catch up with other posts and thats why book reviews have been in abundance.

Next up, we have another writer and fellow blogger in the spotlight, Evan Kingston who runs The Oldest Jokes in the World.  A massive THANK YOU to him for reaching out to me to check out this complete serial novel called Slash, which was originally published in 7 parts.


by Evan Kingston

slash evan kingston

 Alex Bledsoe is one of the star of the hit series, Koop’s Kitchen.  Except, behind this fame, she is scared to reveal that she is attracted to her co-star, popular and sexy Lissa.  To relieve herself from this feeling, she turns to read slasher fan fiction of the show online. Every night she turns this on, until she finds one that turns her on a lot.  Thats until, her previous co-stars featured in these stories start dying exactly as the fan fiction had done.  Hoping to stop these murders, she tries to figure out who the author of these fan fictions are because it is most possibly the killer as well.  Will she find out who it is? Can she still keep her secret hidden from everyone?

Slash is a metafictional erotic thriller / comedic murder mystery / romantic slashser.-Goodreads

Thats the description of the genre on Goodreads for Slash. I’d say that it hit that first part really well: metafictional erotic thriller really well.  There were some funny moments but nothing that I got, maybe because I was so busy trying to figure out who the hell was the murderer because that’s just how my brain works.  Plus, I’m known to have this incredibly awkward humor.   And comedy and humor is probably one of the most subjective genres ever.  Either way, that’s not saying that I didn’t enjoy this.  Slash is different from what I’ve read before.  Whether we’re talking about thriller or murder mystery.  I don’t read slashers so I have nothing to compare to, nor do I read erotic anything. The last thing was Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (yes, I read it…). So, I’m feeling a little out of territory as I review this.

Slash has a really nice concept.  The whole setting of being part of a TV series production crew because mixing fiction and reality together sets up for a good thriller. The murder scenes are pretty good.  I would have liked for the story to be laid out through the different episodes a little more clear.  I got the idea after the first two episodes that the first chapter in each episode is always the fan fiction segment, before it heads back into the actual reality. I was a little confused when I read the first two parts.  It could just be my lack of understanding of these things.  Still, I caught on as when there was some erotic sex scene going on next to a murder scene, that it was most probably fiction.

Also, although the first 2 episodes didn’t quite pull me in that much, the last 5 was extremely intriguing once the whole stage was set and I got to know each of the characters better.  Whats also done quite well is that each of the characters bring a little something to the table.  Much like Alex, they all have their own little secrets and as each one gets revealed while she investigates, the plot thickens bit by bit as well.

Honestly, I don’t know how to find words to describe Slash.  Its somewhat of a two part feeling.  The first quarter felt a little awkward and it took me time to get into the story but once the story picks up, man, did it take me for a ride! I seriously can’t pinpoint when it pulled me in exactly but I know I flew through the second half of it because I just couldn’t wait to figure out who it was and what would happen next.  Plus, its been a while that I haven’t been even able to get an idea of who was the murderer.  That impresses me quite a bit.

Overall, Slash is worth a read.  Its a different reading experience because its set up in episodes.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect before I started but the thrills definitely was there and I enjoyed myself a lot.  Some of the erotic scenes were done pretty well also and some of the kills described were rather creative.  All in all, its a refreshing read and I recommend it 🙂

You can check out more info for Slash here:

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On a sidenote: Maybe its time to look into some more slasher novels 😉 Suggestions?

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