Genre Grandeur – Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) – Tranquil Dreams

Check out my entry at this month’s Genre Grandeur over at MovieRob for coming of age movies. My selection of Sisterhood of Travelling Pants a movie that doesn’t only focus on the importance of friendship but also the support during a time of growing up with various issues. Its one of my favorite coming of age movies that I always go back to 🙂
If you haven’t checked out MovieRob already, remember to do so. And drop by again to check out next month’s blogathon for Rob Reiner movies!


For this month’s next entry for Genre Grandeur February – Coming of Age movie’s, here’s a review of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)  by Kim of Tranquil Dreams

Thanks again to Justine of Justine’s movie blog for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s Genre, chosen by  Anna of Film Grimoire will be Latin Director movies. To participate, send me your review to by 25th Mar.  Thanks to Anna for a great and diverse choice.

Let’s see what Kim thought of this movie:


Coming of Age is one of my favorite genres to watch.  There are a list of amazing movies that I own or have seen that they all are so deserving.  However, being of an amazingly silly name that you can’t help to laugh at, a lot of people would brush off this one called The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, based off a novel with the…

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