Shitfest 2015 is back again since the begininng of February!
One of my favorite times to talk bad about a movie to its fullest extent because its just a massive waste of time and I’d like to really enforce how its really not worth your time.
This time around, I chose Alien Origin, a movie that made me almost shed tears of joy when the credits rolled because I was done with this bs. Head on over and check it out. And if you haven’t checked out all of the other awesome Shitfest posts, remember to do that also. I promise you there are ton of great reviews from fabulous bloggers!

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Here we are at another round of Shitfest!

In the last few months of 2014, I did encounter a few really bad movies (I’m looking at you Bloody Mary) that would have fit the bill for this perfectly. Except it was so bad, that most of them, I already reviewed with so little effort because that was already more than it deserved. Coming around to this time’s Shitfest, I already had a good idea between a few on my Netflix list that look absolutely horrible. Final choice was eventually chosen by my boyfriend, who actually watches a lot of these really bad horror movies in his spare time and finishes them all, while this one won the selection because he couldn’t… Right, this movie is called Alien Origins, straight to video made in 2012.

Man, was he lucky because OMG!! Thats all I…

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