TV Binge: Hemlock Grove (Season 2)

Valentine’s Marathon will resume a little later today.  Its been a little hectic this week. I’m still a little energy low but somehow, I’ve managed to find time to get in Season 2 of Hemlock Grove between all the romantic comedies.  If I’m not sick enough, I just had to try and gross myself out a little more, right? 😉

Before we take a look at Season 2 of Hemlock Grove, lets recap a little of how I felt about Season 1.  I found it a little weird and the pacing was a little funky but thats okay because when Season 1 ended, it all made sense and at episode 5, the turning point of the Season 1 came and it was just completely awesome till the finale which made me want to watch Season 2 right away.  Obviously, when Season 2 did arrive, I didn’t get right onto it because I wasn’t quite in the mood for it yet.  Sometimes I need to gear up for a whole lot of gruesome things.  I hold true that Hemlock Grove has THE BEST werewolf transformation (that I’ve seen so far). I expected Hemlock Grove Season 1 to be better at the beginning but still, it got me to desire Season 2 a lot by the end.  Plus, I also believe that most series take at least a season or two to build up a storyline especially one that is pretty complex.  Hemlock Grove is definitely mysterious and twisty.

If you haven’t seen Season 1, I’d say that there will be some spoiler-ish details, so you might want to watch it before reading on, pretty much in the short synopsis.


hemlock grove

Season 2 starts off in a way better pacing than the first one.  After the setup of Season 1, the story is really to kick into gear as last season, we mostly explored the world of vargulf.  This time around, everyone is scattered around town trying to pick up and recover from everything.  Peter ends up back in Hemlock Grove reluctantly when his mom is arrested and he and Destiny have to try and find a way to get her freed.  At the same time, Roman now runs the entire Godfrey Enterprises and is secretly keeping Letha’s baby safe.  Thats before a car-wrecked Miranda comes into town and enters the lives of both Peter and Roman.  Its also then they realize that they are both having dreams predicting deaths of children by creepy masked men with a hidden agenda.

hemlock grove

Not only is it paced better but its so much more gory.  I swear, I will not eat when I watch this ever again.  Or like hours before.  There’s a few scenes that turned my stomach a little.  It has a lot to do with the fact that we’re not looking at not just vargulf but the umpir world where Roman now has to figure it all out. On top of that, Miranda brings in a little love to the boys so there some action here.  Note that end of Episode 8, kind of blew my mind a little 😉

hemlock grove

Its taken a while but I’ve been a little iffy about Bill Skarsgard’s character of Roman Godfrey but in Season 2, he just took my heart.  The growth of his character is incredibly well because now with him totally against his mother, who is dealing with her own crap being her selfish self (or maybe not?), he’s left to explore this whole “umpir” thing himself.  He doesn’t want to trust Dr. Pryce.  And honestly, I don’t think he should because Dr. Pryce is creepy and scary and goodness knows what is actually going through his head.  I keep thinking that he has some really screwed up agenda in there under all that genius technology and playing god that he does.  Pryce is still an intriguing character as always but back to Roman, point is, he’s lost.  Now that he’s unleashed his umpir side, he needs to figure out how to satiate and control his hunger and he does try so hard.  On top of that, Peter left town when things went completely crazy and he’s all by himself.

hemlock grove

Peter’s not any better off, of course.  Somehow, I liked Peter’s character a lot back in Season 1 but in this one, he has a tangent where he makes one choice that somewhat ruins his life a little in almost a literal way.  He regrets not having taken action with last season’s visions so now he wants to try and save the kids that he sees in his dreams.  Plus, he has some grovelling to do to get through to Roman seeing as he doesn’t really have anyone left.

hemlock grove

Every character is getting their own interesting development and mixed in with this dark story about not ever really figuring out till the end what the hidden agenda of these creepy men are, there’s twists and twists just showing how evil this all is.  There’s a lot of weird stuff happening but this time, I’m all ready to take it all in unlike in Season 1 so it wasn’t surprising as much as I found it so genius as I worked my brain to wonder where it all was going.

hemlock grove

Intriguing. Intense. Character development and a little love and emotions with everyone.  Hemlock Grove just stepped up its game in Season 2 in literally a more gory but genius way! I totally loved every bit of it.  I’m happy that there’s a Season 3 and I can’t wait to watch it.  This time, I’m not going to wait.  I’m also a little sad that its the next one is also the final one though.

Have you seen Hemlock Grove? Did you like Season 1 or 2 more? 

6 thoughts on “TV Binge: Hemlock Grove (Season 2)

  1. I enjoyed both seasons and the gore didn’t bother me none. For myself, it wasn’t all that bad – the only thing I did not like was the special effects come the end of season 2. It was like Scorpion King bad. I’ll still watch season 3, but I hope they fix the effects up if they show that creature again.


  2. Kim!!

    I never finished the first season – not because I didn’t like it or anything but because they cut off my wi-fi at work so I can’t stream TV any longer…. is it worth it?

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