2015 Montreal Auto Show!

On Sunday, I went to the Montreal Auto Show after having wanted to go for the last 8 years or something.  Every year, its held for a week in January at the Palais des Congres in Montreal. I’ve never been either because of timing problems, lack of company or just it being during the time my work deadline is massive.  This year, what was supposed to be meeting my boyfriend’s friend ended up being our little date, which is absolutely fun because we’re planning way ahead for our next car purchase.

There really is nothing to say more other than to show off the car pictures, right?

Psst..I’ve set it up so the four bigger photos are the most memorable cars for me (on a non-affordable level) but our main goal was to look at hatchbacks and crossovers.

It took about 4 hours to get through the Montreal Auto Show.  The highlights was seeing the Canadian supercar, Magnum MK5, which is from Quebec. Plus, the concept cars were all pretty interesting from Nissan BladeGlider, Hyundai Intrado, Toyota FT-1 Concept, etc.  My boyfriend was saying that FT-1 Concept is supposed to replace Supra and thats my fave car ever! So, it was pretty nice to see it there. I was also pretty impressed with the Honda HR-V. And then there was two rooms with somewhat tuned up classic vintage cars (where the girls are posing next to it) and it felt like we had entered a club or something, which was a change of atmosphere from the main show rooms.

Did I tell you my second fave car is Nissan GT-R? So yeah, it was great to see that one also.  And my boyfriend’s crazy love for Corvette has kind of affected me also because that car is plain sexy!

The car we do look forward to checking out next year hopefully is the VW Golf TDI which only had display but we couldn’t sit in and get an idea for.  I’m guessing that means I’ll be there for 2016 Auto Show also 😉

It was a pretty fun experience and just next time, I’d bring more snacks so I don’t starve.  Oh, and don’t go on the last day of the event or on weekends if you can,  because then you are fighting with kids to sit in the cars.  For us, it was last minute decision so next year, we will plan ahead and avoid this situation.

Have you been to Auto Show? Where was it? Are you a car enthusiast?

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