Updates & A Little Help Please!

Can you believe the weekend is almost over?

I’m still wondering how it went by.  I went to a little girl’s birthday party and then a car show and its already over.  So many things I wanted to do.  Car show will have a post soon.  I just need to go through some of my pictures to put it together.

You are all here for updates, right?

First things first!

This all started with completely blanking out on whether I wrote a review for a movie I saw a few weeks ago.  I kept thinking I had but apparently I didn’t, so four years after the start of this blog, I took the last 24 hours on and off and put together a page under the Movies tab with a Film Reviews Index up in the menu. I linked it up so check it out if you’d like.  Tell me what you think! I’m not much of a techy person so that was the best I could do. I’ll be updating that page on a weekly basis and the film review count. I had to flip through my blog post by post so if I missed a review, I’ll add it back on when I realize its not there… there really isn’t another way, I think.

And then..I wonder, should I do one for Book Reviews as well? Although that one would be significantly shorter since I started book reviews a year after I did movie reviews, if I remember correctly.


I’ll be back on movie reviews.  I’ll be scouting out Academy Award nominated movies.  At the moment, I’ve got about 9 lined up.  It might not be for Best Picture but mostly other categories but aside from those 9, I’m planning on checking out American Sniper and The Imitation Game.  So fingers crossed that I’ll make time for it.  Huge work deadline this week…so not sure when I’ll find time.  Regardless, those two are the more accessible ones.  While I really want to see Still Alice and Whiplash but its at the farther theatre and its been fluctuating between harsh cold and zero temperatures here so its just really crappy to walk in.  I do have a month or so before Academy Awards arrives. A part of those 9 movies is thanks to Google Play credit that I remembered I got for buying Chromecast. YAY!

Last of all…a little help!

Movie reviews are going to spike up this coming month not only because of the point before but also because Netflix is going crazy with movie expiration.  In a week, I have 8 movies expiring (I already eliminated one).  Three of them was planned for Valentine’s Marathon but I’d still want to know which are worth my time.

Here is the list of movies expiring:

  • Tower Heist
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Ever After
  • Righteous Kill
  • Boys Don’t Cry
  • K19 The Widowmaker
  • Traitor
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys

Help me out! Have you seen these? Which ones do you recommend? Tell me in the comments!

I really want to be a movie watching machine…but I’m not! At least not this week!

Thats it for this quick post!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 🙂



17 thoughts on “Updates & A Little Help Please!

  1. From that list Iv’e seen Boys Don’t Cry and The Fabulous Baker Boys, and can defiantly recommend both! If your’e in the mood for a light drama fun film, start with the Baker Boys. Good luck 🙂


  2. The only movies I’ve seen from that list are Tower Heist and K-19: The Widow Maker, both of which I enjoyed. But if I had to pick between the two of those I would go with K-19 because Harrison Ford.


  3. You probably can’t go wrong with K19: The Widow Maker, The Fabulous Baker Boys, or Boys Don’t Cry. Not a personal recommendation, but all three have great actors in them and I think the last two one some awards.


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