TV Binge: Sherlock (Season 3)

I’m not sure 3 episodes of 80-ish minutes is called binging TV but I have no idea why I didn’t make time to watch Sherlock sooner.  I guess its because I know its going to be another 2 years before the next season comes out.

Last week, I got around to seeing Season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock.


Right when I was just thinking how awesome Season 1 and 2 was and how really, other than Sherlock coming back to life, how could they top that, they did it.

I officially declare that Benedict Cumberbatch is THE BEST Sherlock Holmes EVER! I just love him so much.  That guy can act the pants off at being Sherlock.  He adds this hilarious (and insensitive) touch to him.


Plus, they kind of trick the audience because we never really know whether to believe how he survived jumping off a building.  All the theories was so fun to watch.

And, just Martin Freeman being his partner has this amazing chemistry between the two. Its this unspoken thing.  The whole reveal that Sherlock does to “surprise” Watson is hilarious!  He’s so oblivious of just how crazy this is for everyone else. And Watson’s reactions were priceless…


Its only 3 episodes, about 80 minutes each more or less.  The first brings Sherlock back and kind of links him back into the life of John Watson.  The next episode jumps into the whole John Watson getting married and knowing this Mary Morstan character a little more.  Let me tell you, she does mesh very well because she understands both Watson and Sherlock’s character really well and compliment both of them, which is really awesome.

During this whole time, the cases revolve a big story with a final end game that kind of really takes things into perspective and the finale of Season 3 with a particular character who is manipulative and villainous Charles Augustus Magnussen who has a hold of everyone’s secrets in an underground vault and he reveals a huge secret.  This character is played by Lars Mikkelsen.  I’ve never seen this man in anything else but he was out of control and just OMG! Seriously, thats all I have to say.  When I watched this guy on screen, he made me all psyched out because he was so good at being a villain.

Aside from the villains, a lot of side characters had a lot more place and Sherlock and Mycroft’s family comes into play, making them more humanly 😉 I loved how Molly gets a little more screen time and in somewhat of a awkward way but it works for her character.

Sherlock Season 3 rocked my world.  I don’t believe that anyone can be better at being Sherlock than Benedict Cumberbatch and no one can have a better chemistry in this dream team than him with Martin Freeman’s John Watson.  I totally loved it! 🙂

Now, the wait for 2016 and Season 4!

Have you seen the BBC Sherlock? What do you think of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and/or Martin Freeman’s John Watson? Which secondary character do you like the most?


9 thoughts on “TV Binge: Sherlock (Season 3)

  1. This is an awesome post! I am horrifically addicted to Sherlock. The other day I binge watched them all again and I still love the hell out of it. Benedict Cumberbatch is more perfect than I can explain, and the chemistry him and Freeman have together is just amazing. I love Lestrade and Molly, they are great, and the show would totally be incomplete without the beloved Mrs Hudson! Oki… gonna stop now… 😛


  2. I love Sherlock so much. It is one of (if not THE) best shows on television. Cumberbatch is simply phenomenal and Freeman is his perfect partner. I should definitely rewatch


  3. Watching the Sherlock series is on my list of things to watch during 2015. Glad to know so many people I know watch it and love it, now I feel like I’m missing out! Great post Kim.


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