Book Review: In the Garden of Happiness by Dodinsky

Dodinsky has possibly some of the best quotes these days.  I picked up the first book, In the Garden of Thoughts last year and was completely inspired and motivated.  You can see the review HERE!

When the second book was announced, I had it on my list of books to get for 2014, except this time I didn’t get it in the ebook but a physical copy. The moment I got the package, I pulled it open and read all of it while my dinner was simmering on the stove, reading it out loud.  I do that a lot..when I’m really into a book.


by Dodinsky


In the Garden of Happiness is even better than the first one.  Maybe its because it takes my lifelong goal: to be happy and just gives me a whole lot of inspiration and thought about my own life and where it is now.  Its refreshing and positive.  Everything is really thoughtful and motivational.  There are really no words at how I finished the book in one sitting (which isn’t hard) and wanted to read it all over again a few hours later, then the next morning.  You get the idea, right? Its just so pick-me-up and feel good.

If I had done this review before the holidays, I’d say that its a perfect gift book.  Which it still applies because we still have a million events we can give gifts, like birthdays 😉 Plus, it works for any age (maybe not kids, unless they just look at the illustrations).

Now that leads me to the second part of how awesome In the Garden of Happiness is.  Its pages are full of colorful illustration to match every quote.

There isn’t much to say about quote books like these and really not much to review.  Its a winner if you want to gift it.  Its going to release your mind, bring a wave of positive and hopefully make you reflect a little to improve your thoughts.  I did that for me and brought a smile on my face.  And I’m already a relatively positive person even if I sometimes have to grasp to hold on to it on the extremely bad days. Its always refreshing and motivating to have little reminders like these 🙂

I went searching for the book trailer so you could get an idea.  I’m not exactly sure I’m doing it any justice.  Here it is:

 I thought this was a great book to end the year with.  I highly recommend it! 🙂


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