The Boy in Her Dreams (The Girl in Between #2) by Laekan Zea Kemp

Another ENORMOUS THANKS to Laekan for sending me the follow-up of her first book of the series The Girl in Between which I reviewed just a week or two ago. If you missed that, you should probably check it out HERE!  This one is the second in the series and its picks up right where the first ended so probably not a good idea to check out the synopsis or anything if you mean to read it.  Which you should because I had a fantastic time with the first one.

THE BOY IN HER DREAMS (The Girl in Between #2)

By: Laekan Zea Kemp

the boy in your dreams

After six months in a coma, Roman finally wakes up from the amazing dream and seeing the girl of his dreams literally.  Except the real world is a lot more cruel than the dream world when he realizes that the person he actually is is not who he thinks is best for Bryn.  He makes a choice that he soon will hurt them both, even more than he imagined when the truth comes out about Bryn’s condition and the role he plays in all of this.  As the shadows reveal themselves again during Bryn’s treatment in Germany, she learns that she is capable of a lot more than just being in a dream state and there’s a lot more to her condition and the people around her than she knows.

The second book answers a lot more questions.  It starts right where the first book ended: Roman waking up and having to face who he is in reality. It puts a little more focus that Roman and Bryn are both equally important in the story where in the first one, it felt like although there were two narrators, Roman’s part was not quite as significant.  There are lots of struggles in the first half (approximately).  This one is still a pretty great read.  I’d say that as the story develops and Bryn and Roman dive deeper into this other world and the shadows and the whole deal with that, it gets a little confusing.  There was a few times I needed to backtrack and reread a few parts to make sure I was following what was actually going on.

The Boy in Your Dreams is more action-packed.  It brings in more mysteries as well as a few answers to the looming questions.  There is something darker and more powerful.  What Bryn has isn’t a disease or syndrome anymore, its something a lot more complex. Plus, some of the first books secondary characters get a lot more time in this one.  There’s more time with Bryn’s family: her mother, grandmother and cousin Dani, her friend Felix and Roman’s side gets a little more time.

Although a little confusing at times when the story climaxes and a lot is going on, there is no doubt that the premise of The Girl In Between series has been pretty solid and unique.  If you enjoyed the first book, you should definitely check out the second.

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