Zombie War: An Account of the Zombie Apocalypse that Swept Across America by Nicholas Ryan

A huge thanks to Australian author Nicholas Ryan for getting in touch with me to review his novel, Zombie War: an account of the zombie apocalyse that swept across America. I have no idea how some people search me up.  I’m guessing, Goodreads?  Regardless, I don’t normally go seeking out zombie apocalypse novels so I’ve only read a few of them but its a premise I starting to enjoy a lot. Zombie War apparently gets compared to World War Z a lot so maybe I’ll do a little talk about that or better yet, head over to see what I thought about it HERE.

An account of the zombie apocalypse that swept across America


zombie war nicholas ryan

John Culver interviews various military, leaders and others involved over a year after the zombie apocalypse has happened and things are on the way to recovery in America.  He dives into the different domains of the 3 stages from Operation Containment, Operation Conquest and the last stage, Operation Compress. What started in Iran for political takeover caused an entire nation to collapse in several weeks and took months to find back some form of control. Now the government is ready to embrace what its recuperated but is the war really over?

 Zombie War is an engaging recount of how the zombie apocalypse was dealt with.  Although not quite so emotional manipulative as World War Z was, its flow of events makes it a lot easier to get into because its laid out in a better way with a good deal of continuity and order.  That part was something I appreciated a lot.  Also, there is no doubt as I was reading the novel that a great deal of research was put into it.  Although there are a lot of military lingo to say the least, and I know relatively little of it, the description used because of the narrator, John Culver being a journalist, its explained so that even with my little knowledge, I still understood what went on.  That also is a huge pro.

The concept of a zombie apocalypse is one that many people play with nowadays but the main question is how does it all begin. Nicholas Ryan chooses a political angle to deal with this putting it into a man made consequence launched against America and to cleverly choose to begin the novel with exactly how it all began and wrapping it up with possibly one of the most impressive endings that I’ve read because although the recount of the events weren’t quite as strong (as World War Z) in the whole attacking the ethics, morals, human nature, the further you read, the story builds up to people involved that show their feelings more and more hidden in the context and the choice of words of what was said.  A lot of thought was put into each character and how they each contributed in every stage of the zombie apocalypse portrayed in Zombie War.

Honestly, I’ve never read a zombie apocalypse book as fast I did with Zombie War.  If I had to compare World War Z and Zombie War, I’d have to say that other than not quite hitting my buttons as much as World War Z, Zombie War had a more progressive, engaging and far more organized set up and this did it wonders.

Overall, it was easy to follow and never let the readers forget the urgency of what every single person involved was going through.  The intricate interviewees and the journalist as the narrator kept things real.  The research made it feel authentic and each character was designed very intricately to move the story in a certain direction to bring a good idea of how everything was at each stage of the operation in healing America.

Zombie War is an impressive read and definitely one of the best novels I’ve read this year. I highly recommend this and I think that you should check it out also! 🙂

You can get a copy of his novel on Amazon.

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