November: NaNoWriMo Recap & December Announcement!

December is starting (or started for some of you) already!


First things first, I beat my own record (time-wise) and yes, I won another year of NaNoWriMo with a lot of hard time especially in the last few days. I tried my absolute best and kept it up for about 2 weeks for staying right on track.  Then the third week was disastrous and I wrote like a few hundred words in a week and had to go absolutely nuts this past week writing till 3am every night then waking up to go to work, writing on the bus and at lunch and coming home.  Eventually, on Saturday night my body crashed and I had some weird food poisoning thing. Still, I made it at 2pm this afternoon.  Which is definitely a new record for me because my earliest was like 8pm or something last year.  YAY! I’m done! I can go back to a normal sleeping schedule! 🙂

Pointe a calliere Museum

Pointe a calliere Museum

Aside from NaNoWriMo having a few revelations, the whole Photography 101 was pretty nice too.  It gave me a whole lot of motivation.  I still have the last day on last Friday’s to put up, probably tomorrow.  Still, I tried to check out some new blogs and it was an inspiring exercise.  It helped me add some routine and keep the activity going here. If you happened to have missed any of it, I added a tab Photo101 up there under Photo Challenges. Feel free to check that out. The monochrome photography one was the best experience in this whole thing because it was refreshing and different from my normal ways.

Enough about November! Lets move to December announcement!

Did you notice its snowing on my blog again? I love it!

December means Christmas/Holiday month!


That includes movie marathon, of course!

This year is going to be a bit different because I’m all Christmas movied out on my own collection, so I’m picking some from my boyfriend’s since we just combined our collection together.  Plus, I’ve searched up a few really peculiar ones on Netflix but I’m going to expand it a little to some focused around winter.  I want to do a few lists. We’ll see how that goes.

Since we’re on movies, I was wondering if you all think its a good idea to search up movies released in the past years during the Christmas season. You know, like Titanic? Is there even a place where I can search that up? Ideas? That might be a good twist on this holiday movie marathon business.

Baking is definitely back! I really need it! 🙂 I have a few cooking projects as well.

Book reviews will be back.  Probably not very Christmas orientated but I have a prior commitment to a writer to review their book, which is the first on my list.  And, Goodreads reading challenge: Super behind.  Need to read a good 5 books throughout this month.

Also, I have a wintery exhibit I’m waiting to take place this coming weekend and share with everyone 🙂

I’ll try to not bombard you with anything too crazy. I do have a few other non-holiday reviews I plan on doing, but I’m working on it.

Updates and Changes

I mentioned it in my Weekly Adventures last time, I think, but I’m still working hard on some long-term project ideas for next year.  Hopefully, I’ll get a blogging poll to see what you think.

I’m all written out from the past month so I’ll keep this short! 🙂

I’m excited for December, aren’t you? 

6 thoughts on “November: NaNoWriMo Recap & December Announcement!

  1. Congratulations on exceeding your goal!

    I think Wikipedia or IMDB would show movies released over holidays each year. Or you may have to search by each year and then narrow it down to December.


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