Genre Grandeur – Project A (1983)

This month’s Genre Grandeur over at MovieRob’s is 80’s action flicks. I chose one of my absolute favorite: Project A, directed and lead by Jackie Chan. Check out my review of why its one of my favorite 80s action flick and remember to drop by to check out the other entries as well 🙂
On a side note, next month is Rob’s 007 Blogathon. Who can get enough of James Bond? Remember to follow Rob to not miss out on the fun!


For the next Genre Grandeur – 80’s Action Movie, take a look at Kim of Tranquil Dream‘s review of Jackie Chan’s 80’s action hit, Project A (1983).

Next month’s Genre will be Holiday movies (it can be any film about any holiday).  To participate, just send me your review by 23rd of December to and I’ll post it!

Let’s see what Kim thought about Project A …


I almost wanted to give this genre grandeur and ask my boyfriend to do it. This would be his passion project. If it was up to him, it’d be Predator. However, I’m not my boyfriend (not that I dislike Predator) but I was raised differently. Different in the sense that I grew up with Studio Ghibli for animation and Hong Kong flicks were part of the action flicks I’d watch a whole lot of. I knew who Jackie Chan was…

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