Photography 101: Warmth

Today, capture an image of warmth, ideally using the sun as your source.

Photography means “drawing with light,” and when you snap a picture with your camera, you use and record light to create an image.

Today, head outside and capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source. And if the sun is nowhere to be found, don’t worry! You can interpret warmth in a different way. – The Daily Post

The sun has been only showing up sporadically and most of the time, its when I’m in my windowless office. So, I sat around thinking about what other way warmth could be portrayed.  Light and warmth is everywhere especially in these days after daylight saving has ended.

We just got our fireplace up and running this past weekend so we’ve been using it to cozy up our basement.  Trust me, its absolutely cozy 🙂 A lot of cleaning required in between but so worth it. I’m hoping it’ll reflect in my electricity bill.



That is light and warmth combined together but in a way, there are things that show light also, like our everyday lights in our lives.  Here’s the special light in my life that lights up my meals every single day for the whole life I can remember.


The tones are actually quite calming and warm with this light.

There you go! My interpretation of warmth (and light)!

It doesn’t quite compare to the sun but as the weather as colder, I start not wanting the sun (don’t kill me).  Its just on winter days, when the sun shows up, it means its crazy freezing.  Any want some -20 and below weather? I’m trying to really not think about it.

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