MTL a Table: Brasserie Le Pois Penché

Saturday night was the last MTL a Table for me.  It was a little event I went with my boyfriend and of course, Starry Traveler and her husband.

The last one was relatively a more fancy little French restaurant called Brasserie Le Pois Penché, located on Boul Maisonneuve very close to Concordia University.  I’ve walked by this restaurant a few times during Fantasia and when I was in university. I actually never thought it was a pretty classy restaurant till I walked inside and actually looked around.  I’m not saying that looks shabby outside because it doesn’t, its just lack of detail because I don’t walk on that side of the street often.

Anyways, what I’m saying is that Brasserie Le Pois Penché has a wonderful atmosphere: its classy and comfortable. The service was pretty good, except it failed a little at the end and I’ll talk a little about that.

The meal was $29 for the three course meal. And here what the menu was.  There’s one selection from the three in both appetizers and main that none of us got so I’ll still write what it was but no pictures to go with it.

Lets check it out 🙂

To Start: Drinks

brasserie le pois penche


Skipped: Seasonal Greens, Citrus Supreme, sumac, taro chips

Brasserie le pois penche

Butternut Squash velouté, aged cheddar, pancetta chips

brasserie le pois penche

Duck confit roll, 5 spices cranberry coulis, Asian slaw & roasted peanuts

I chose the duck confit roll.  It was absolutely delicious and crispy.  The 5 spices cranberry coulis went amazingly with the roll.  I don’t eat raw so I didn’t try the Asian slaw.


Skipped: Risotto LPP, Sun dried tomatoes, mascarpone, truffle oil, hazelnuts & arugula

brasserie le pois penche

Atlantic char, galangel infused acorn squash mousseline and king eryngii

Brasserie Le Pois Penche

LPP Pot-au-feu Braised Beef, bone marrow, smoked lardon, fall vegetables

This dish is awesome! The beef was cooked perfectly.  It just fell apart when I put my fork through. The smoked lardon was absolutely delicious.  I love bone marrow and this one was done so well.  Melt in your mouth and all. My boyfriend’s first experience with it and he wasn’t a huge fan.  Starry Traveler wasn’t a huge fan of the taste it had, probably from the seasoning? I don’t know but I really liked it. 🙂


brasserie le pois penche

Paris Brest, light praline cream

brasserie le pois penche

Chocolate & raspberry creamy ganache and balsam fir foam

brasserie le pois penche

Not on set menu: Bowl of fruits, strawberries and blueberries

The two selections on the menu was the top 2.  Apparently, they were liked very much by the other 3 whereas, I can’t eat any of those, so the waiter was nice enough to go check if he could get me a bowl of fruits. Strawberries and blueberries were good, a little sour for a few of them but overall, the flexibility they had with that was awesome.  I felt very good about it.

Let me start talking about little about the service at Le Pois Penche.  For the most part, it was great.  Warm welcome at the door, the waiters were charismatic and came to check if everything was okay.  Except at the end, they forgot about my tea and I didn’t bother asking for it again since I was getting tired and wanted to go home.  Then, the bill came and I paid in cash and I never got my change back.  I decided to not press the issue because it only meant I gave a little bit more in tips and I’m usually a generous tipper.  Just a few little things.  I guess they were busy that night? Regardless, it was a pretty nice evening even if that last bit happened.

Nice food, good company, great atmosphere: very lovely Saturday evening out 🙂

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