MTL a Table: 1000 Grammes Bistro Glouton et Traiteur

Onwards with the next MTL a Table (aka TASTE MTL) to the next restaurant last night!

After work , I had a bit of a boot crisis and had a little time to do some shoe shopping before walking down St Catherine street from Complexe Desjardins all the way eastward to around Beaudry metro station and past another block in the Village to get to this cozy, casual and dimly lit restaurant called 1000 Grammes.

The first thing you go in is the atmosphere of the restaurant.  The decor is very nice.  There’s a little cuteness to it.

Starry Traveler’s husband was there before her as she was held up at a meeting.  Since I wasn’t sure when she was being there, I decided to order a glass of Rose wine: Domaine de Gournier ($6.50 a glass).

The set 3 course meal at 1000 Grammes was $19.  The service was extremely friendly and welcoming.  They came by to give us bread two times.  It would’ve been nice if the bread was warm but it did have a nice chewy texture.

Lets look at the meal. Other than the 25 sorts of desserts available that I couldn’t show here.  We all chose different items so that we could try it all 🙂


1000 Grammes Mtl a table

Mini meat pie with chutney

1000 Grammes

Close-up of mini meat pie

My appetizer was the mini meat pie with chutney.  This was melt in my mouth delicious. The taste is very well for the meat inside the pie.  It was a really good start to the meal.  I don’t eat raw, so I passed my salad over to the man of the table.  The chutney was quite good as well made from tomatoes.

1000 Grammes Mtl a table

Snails in puff pastry with mushroom sauce


1000 Grammes MTL a table

Seafood lasagna with white wine bechamel

1000 Grammes Mtl a table


1000 Grammes Mtl a table

Old-fashioned pork roast

Old fashioned pork roast was my main course choice. The veggies were done perfect, not that whole crunchy half-cooked business that I absolutely hate.  It was soft but not overcooked.  It wasn’t seasoned a lot which was a good balance to the salty and chewy pork roast.   Not exactly my favorite pork that I’ve tasted but the veggies made up for the high sodium level in the pork.


1000 Grammes

Choco-Praline Cake

1000 Grammes MTL a table

Cheesecake (forgot what type but looks like pecan)

1000 Grammes

Apple Pie (made in restaurant)

I always hesitate a little when it comes to desserts because even if there is 25 choices, some places don’t carry even one dessert that is lactose-free.  I’m lactose intolerant so I can still eat butter.  Its really just milk products that slaughter me.  My choice was only with apple pie, after chatting with the man who makes the pies made in-house.  Such a friendly and charismatic man.  The apple pie was delicious! Just so perfect.  It wasn’t too sweet, the pastry was yummy.

If only I could make a pie from scratch and have it look (and taste) like that.

Overall, appetizer and dessert were fantastic.  I had little issues with the main course but kudos to make perfectly cooked veggies. The service was nice, the atmosphere was good.  One thing I had issues with was the heat.  I was sitting under this halogen spotlight and I was burning up.  Its not hot outside and actually pretty chilly and I was sweating like crazy.  LED lights are your best friends.  These investments will work in the long run. Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

Are you dining at any of the TASTE MTL restaurants? Any other events in Montreal that peaks your interest?

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