Halloween Special 2014 (& November update)!

Let me present to you Halloween 2014 with a little vlog and ending with a piano cover like previous years 🙂

If ever YouTube is uncooperative for you, I have jotted down the recap at the bottom.

Also, sorry for the flawed piano cover.
Time was really limited and I’m already behind schedule in getting this up so I tried my absolute best.
And I’m testing out using my tablet to read piano sheet music instead of printing it out.

Oh and I sound really robotic..sorry for that also…

1) Friday the 13th franchise was entertaining
2) Horror marathon is not done yet.  Tomorrow will be The Shining to wrap up. Expect the review on Monday!
3) Skipped 3 movies: Contracted, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Antisocial. Will get those done soon.
4) November update: Nanowrimo! Tell me if you are doing it so we can cheer each other on!
5) Nanowrimo means no book reviews, minimum movie reviews
Instead it’ll be Photo101, Weekly Photo Challenge, Weekly Adventures, Workout updates, Pinterest Therapy
6) Piano cover: Funeral March of the Marionette

THANK YOU for everything especially being around for this Halloween marathon and everything else! 🙂


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