Halloween Marathon: Alvin & the Chipmunks Double Feature

After seeing Cara at Silver Screen Serenade with her intense movie marathon and making her list of family-friendly Halloween movie (check it out Part 1 and Part 2), I’ve already reviewed a good bunch of that list and it made me realize that I needed a little non-intense Halloween portion so I started watching Alvin and the Chipmunks double feature on Netflix.

Lets do a little double feature segment to take a little breather before heading back into little more intense stuff 🙂



Director: Kathi Castillo

The Chipmunks are working a show at the Majestic Movie Studios when they wander off and get locked in. They soon realize that the park unexpected hired Dr. Frankenstein and to spook up the Frankenstein castle attraction, his plans are to create the monster.  As the boys try to escape from this danger, they have this wild adventure.

I fully understand that Alvin and the Chipmunks are not targeted for me but then I’m trying to finish watching all the seasons of The Magic School Bus on Netflix before it expires in November so I guess I have my nostalgic moments as well.  This is exactly where that is.  Alvin and the Chipmunks are extremely fun to watch.  I mean, I’ve seen the live/CGI version and other than the first one, the sequels aren’t really that great.  It has some fun chipmunk style music that has some feet tapping qualities but this one really reminded me what watching Alvin on TV felt like.  I had more fun than I probably should have had.  I really think thats what counts 🙂 It took a pretty dark story and changed it to something really fun to watch.  You know that its never going to be creepy scary or anything.  Even the scary parts get a little goofy but thats the charm of it. Did I mention it was a full length feature? Not those 20 minute side stories that are put out nowadays.


alvin chipmunks wolfman

Director: Kathi Castillo

Another full length movie like the Frankenstein one.  Alvin believes that the new next door neighbor is a werewolf.  After he causes chaos at the school play rehearsals, Dave tries to take away his monsters obsession by removing all monster-related things in his life.  The play is now replaced by the bullied Theodore and sharing his role is Simon.  When Theodore comes home one day, bitten by a big dog, he transforms into a werewolf pup gradually and this changes him as his confidence increases and he turns into something even worse than Alvin was.  How do they change Theodore back to his old self?

I love Theodore the most in the Chipmunks.  I love watching monsters and this one even includes the Chipettes (which is pretty cool).  They have some cute music and the characters always are fun to watch.  I feel its a little less entertaining than the Frankenstein one.  It still is pretty lovable to watch but its not quite as complete.  Maybe its because I watched this back to back with the other one, I feel less excited than the previous.  I just thought as predictable as these are, this one really didn’t offer quite as much fun.

Alvin and the chipmunks do have a special place in my heart.  So, it was worth it to go down this nostalgic road to revisit an actual animated full length feature with them and not the updated CGI version 🙂

Are you a fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks? 

2 thoughts on “Halloween Marathon: Alvin & the Chipmunks Double Feature

  1. Aww I remember these movies!! Both so cute. I did like the Chipmunks cartoons when I was little, but I must say that I don’t quite get the live-action ones…just doesn’t quite work. Nice reviews, lady! And thank you so much for the mention! I had quite a time with all those films last year. Lol. Once again, I find myself with some serious catching up to do on your blog, my friend. Expect a notification storm in the near future! 🙂

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