Happy Thanksgiving! :)

To the fellow Canadians, its our long weekend to celebrate the very awesome holiday Thanksgiving.

Whether you had your celebrations Saturday (last night), Sunday (tonight) or Monday (tomorrow), I just wanted to take the opportunity as I do every year to remind you of how great you all are.  You’ve been around here for whatever duration it is for the last 3+ years that I’ve been in the blogosphere.

Honestly, some days especially of late, it feels like the world is going to collapse when I need to get these posts up and do everything actual real life needs me to tend to, but I always sit down and remember to relax all over again when I’m typing these up.

There’s honestly a lot to be thankful about every year.

Although this year wasn’t all the great, it still feel grateful to have the people that I love in my life: my mom, my boyfriend, my best friends, who have stuck around me through so much.

I’m going to keep this extremely short and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter who and how and when you celebrate it 🙂

a grateful heart

I also want to give all of you (Canadian or not) a massive THANKS for being the amazing you.  I’m happy to see some of you come back to the blogosphere and to know some of the new bloggers, meet a blogger and also for all of you that I may not have meet but have talked so often in comments and through your posts that I feel like I know you 🙂 Thats the power of our little blogosphere! I’m thankful for all of you because you all are the reason I’m still around you.  Even if this is extremely therapeutic for me, I’m not sure how enthusiastic I would still be.  Especially since, its because all of you that I try to do better and find new segments to keep things interesting. Trust me, my brain is still moving through a ton of new ideas which I plan on launching a fraction of by 2015!

Thank you for being here, having stopped by, commented, liked, followed, emailed, hosted any blog event. I may mostly be behind in reading your posts but I always get there!


Our Thanksgiving turkey

What I’m really is that I’m thankful for all of you!  Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey and have lots of fun with your loved ones.  I’m sending all of you some virtual hugs! 

Stay awesome, my lovelies! 🙂

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