Musee Grevin Montreal!

Saturday afternoon was a long awaited date outing with my boyfriend.  With the season changing and the house hitting its final few weeks of fixing up (hopefully), I’ll be officially moving in soon enough.  We’re both taking out more time to take care of the house, so when my Tuango deal was expiring really soon and it was literally the last weekend, we’d have time to go. We took the afternoon off the house and headed downtown.

Musee Grevin located on the top floor of the Eaton Centre is a wax museum originated from France, I would imagine.  I haven’t been to any Grevin’s before but I do love to head to wax museums.

It took a little over an hour to get through the whole course.  I found it a little short but that’s probably because we skipped over the getting your sketch or sculpture booths because the line-up was just way too massive.  We did take a lot of pictures and the themes of each area was pretty great.

Musee Grevin

Palace of the Seasons

The museum started after going up 3 floors and walking down a dark but LED blue lights hallway into a room called Palace of Seasons (translation) and it was a mirror effect sort of show with a short artsy video playing the lapse of the changes in season and then the doors opened and we stepped into the museum route.

There are the better pictures of the bunch that we took:

The gallery went from Palace of the Seasons to these galleries: Paris-Quebec, The Sports Temple, Hotel Grevin, Nouvelle France, Belmont Park, Wings and The Ballroom.

One of the coolest was passing through the tunnels to the astronaut.  It was a little mirrors trick again but it was an awesome one so of course, I accidentally saw a really  nice effect like this:

Musee Grevin

The angles of the mirror caught a few different angles of whoever was under it.  That was pretty awesome. I only had my camera so its not as nice as I’d like.

I had no idea what to expect with Musee Grevin.  There were some wax figures that didn’t look like the person.  There was also a lot that did.  Plus, it was a fun day and the museum itself, even without the coupon wouldn’t have been particularly pricey either.  I’d say it  was worth are money.

Its a nice Saturday to go out with my boyfriend and be all silly. 🙂

Have you been to a wax museum? Where was it? Do you enjoy them?

6 thoughts on “Musee Grevin Montreal!

  1. Coincidentally, my son — last night — while he was doing his homework, showed me some photos from a wax museum that was in his textbook, and asked me what I thought of wax museums. I didn’t know how to answer last night, either!


  2. Hi Kim! I’ve been to the Madame Tussaud in London ages ago. It was amusing indeed, though the chamber of horror one was quite terrifying as the bloody dead people looked so real! Fun post here!

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