Second Call for Your Votes on Halloween Polls! :)

Happy Thursday, my lovelies! 🙂

I know everyone’s busy.  I understand that very well because I am very much behind in catching up with everyone’s blog. I’m trying extremely hard to catch up. But, the weekend is coming up so thats something to look forward to!

Regardless if you are already a follower here or not, this is my second call out for the Halloween Movie Marathon poll ending at the end of September to get ready for the final rundown for my annual Halloween movie marathon.

I welcome everyone to join in.  I promise lots of fun!

For a recap, this year’s main theme is Friday the 13th franchise.

friday the 13th franchise

And then there will be an assortment of B-Horror, Psychological Thrillers and Everything else Horror.  I do welcome foreign horror or anything that might be in theatres.  My list is mostly focused on what Netflix has to offer and the ones that I’m interested in however, I give the option of other movies as well.  Feel free to leave a comment.

To vote, please check it out right HERE! Keep in mind that there is 3 choices each for B-Horror and Psychological Thrillers category and 5 choices for Everything Else Horror.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and see how the votes tally up! Together, we’ll make this another epic Halloween month! 🙂

Thanks for helping out! 🙂

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