Awakening Thoughts: My First Steps to Living by J.D. Hilton

I’ve been reading a lot of YA novels for the past while.  A LOT! I always like to switch it up a little and I’ve been meaning to read one of the most inspiring and thought provoking bloggers that I follow, JD Hilton.  I actually met Jonathan last year in Maine when I went to visit and we sat down for lunch and had a nice chat.

When he announced that he released this book Awakening Thoughts, I bought it right away and finally I took out the time to read this.

Awakening Thoughts: My First Steps to Living

by J.D. Hilton

Awakening Thoughts

Self-help books are a genre I rarely tread in however, this wouldn’t be considered a self-help as its really what the author has learned over the years in regards to living a positive life.  Its presented in 10 chapters and each gives the readers a process of what aspect can help to live a more positive life.

From personal experience, achieving a positive mindset towards life is sometimes challenging and its an everyday reminder to keep it up.  Even more so when things take turn around and don’t quite go your way.  I’ve been working on achieving this sort of positivity and for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful.  It has a lot to do with recognizing what poisons my positive and injects negative and changing my mindset.  After all, you are the only person that can control how you think.

However, completely separate from this book but Awakening Thoughts is exactly that.  If you are seeking a positive mindset, it tells you certain ways you could do it and how to approach it. However good you are at maintaining that mindset, its always good to be reminded of how important it is.  Some days, I do forget also and thats when it all starts slipping away.

Awakening Thoughts is a really good motivational book.  We all need to know that there are other people fighting this battles to find a better way to live life, to be more positive and a lot of times, its those little things that we forget to look at.  J.D. focuses on these things and he pulls them into perspective so that the readers understand it well.

You can’t judge books in this genre because its all even more subjective than the fiction novels and whatnot.  If you can relate and get something from it, as I have, you will think its great.  The final goal is whether you will be absorbed in this thought-provoking process and if you are, you will find an immense joy in reading this, even if you have achieved this one way or another.

Awakening Thoughts is a good way to start heading towards that positive life and just be happier with where you are at. To me, it was a nice reminder of what I’ve gone through, almost similar steps in the chapters, to be where I am. Its a reminder to not forget to stay that way because when you let the negative back in too much, it is so hard to climb back out of that hole.

This is the first book in a three book series related to this topic.  I definitely look forward to what else JD will write about in the next one 🙂

JD Hilton’s blog is  called Mind Connections where he writes inspiring posts.  You can find it HERE!

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